19 May, 2015

Sweden: White People Evicted From Homes to Make Way for ‘Brown Man’

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(Above: UNESCO’s Brown Man, a one-size-fits-all human)

You wanna talk “White genocide”? This is the beginning of it! Brown Man’s coming. Soon, there will be no such thing as Western culture. Everyone will be brown. A universal man will appear, just like the communists wanted all along.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      The enemies of our people are getting bolder by the day. Perhaps Whites can now see we are alone in this life or death struggle, no one else just us. If we are to survive and triumph in this war we must rekindle our Aryan spirit, any political, economic or religious philosophy that stands opposed to our survival is evil and must be swept away.

    2. a Says:

      Next, the Swedes will be relocated to extermination camps to make room for more “interesting” immigrants.

    3. Voltron Says:

      It’s time to go to war, while we still have the numbers. I’m tired of this shit.

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      Why is the author of the article comfortable with this conclusion?

      “Jonsson is just a business man who is interested in filling his wallet. The real anti-Whites here are the people from the Swedish migration board, who have admitted in the past that White Swedish areas must be favored for more immigration rather than minority White Swedish areas.”

      That’s a NeoKahn’s argument. This Jonsson person is a filthy son of a bitch, every bit as complicit in the displacement of these people as the government is.
      I have good friends that have a multi-dwelling rental unit, HUD’s been romancing them for decades, and they’ve always flat-out refused to Section 8 their property. As they say to me, we have to consider our tenants, our neighbors and the town.

      Thank Woden for folks like them.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      The complete irony here is the White Swedish taxpayers are paying for their own displacement!

      What a package deal !

      The Jews and Race Traiters are rubbing their hands in glee.
      Whitey is paying for his own displacement and if he says anything in protest why we’ll call him “RACIST!”
      And HATER and other names designed to shame him and drive him into first slavery and oppression then finally EXTERMINATION OF HIS GENOTYPE.

      Don’t you just wish Hitler had won?!

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Voltron Says:
      19 May, 2015 at 9:30 pm


      We suffer the daily death of a thousand cuts, and humiliation.

      Regime workers in the Wester are 98% Praetorian for the rulers, that why their “early insane pensions especially for the NKVD forces are not touched on any level, and as a group they are almost as ignorant as public school baby sitters.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I’ve said numerous times the jew and his coloreds pets are not the real problem, White race-traitors and cowards are. Their punishment should be nothing short of merciless.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Kike or shit hole lovers troll away every where on the net, as they have billions to play with nothing else to do.

      Whites who actually grew up in the streets of the regimes largest cities after 1945, and 1965 when the kike appliance who gave US Gulf of Tonkin LBJ with Eugene Rostow with his brethren of NYC got US in a meat grinder. That meat grinder was to loot U$, and bleed White out culturall like a slaughtered cow in every way possible.

      Savages after 1965 were to be protected by the jookikejuduchecial loot US courts with their fully weaponized media warring on US every facet at itz command.

      Hard to believe that kike’s can walk out in the public common’s with out LOL all time like the criminal lunatic nutz they are knowing what they have done to their host Nation that left in in great numbers starting in 1880 through 1920.

      McKinley, Garfield, Lindbergh, Huey P. Long, Patton, MacArthur, McCarthy, JFK, RFK, JFK. Jr. Trafficant and many more have fallen by the way side. As the enemy aliens media control has never been challenged at all.

      There were hearing in foggy bottom in the summer of 1941 about NYC/Hollywood media promoting war and violating the neutrality, but the criminal treason Pearl Harbor shut down all resistance.

      Since 1945 Western people have been on a tread mill with no time to think or organize. Every White Western patriotic ground since 1945 was corrupted or itz leaders compromi$ed, or out right murdered.

      Media starting inciting racial hate full time after 1965. Vietnam was a cover to keep White Patriots from thinking and reacting to the real war that was waged on US culturally, and physically with a news black out.

      White’s by 1969 were being ethnically cleansed from all our great cites we BUILT.

      As for murdering political heads starting with Nixon http://www.watergate.com they proved they no longer needed bullets as the weaponized media could do it all covering up anything using the regime to keep it secret http://www.ussliberty.org Nixon gave them the kitchen sink in 1973, but for knowing the truth of them he had to go, remember Dr. K. was with him from day one as a watch dog.

      As for street Whites proved them selves against savages in the past big time.

      There are no White children left in cities just kike schools and public tax vacuums like in Atlanta GA. with cheating on testing out of control. When the kike nigger army professional are caught big time, only few of the 135 involved go to jail. Ring leaders of the cheating scheme got cash bonuses for higher schools and when convicted in court were NOT apologetic at all.

      Their sentences were water down to nothing.

      Every Western Nation has been destroyed and these fifth columnists have built China up from “nothing” with wholesal transfer of money and tech know how since Nixon was forced to go Mao and apologize, with the media hoorahing it all the way.

      http://jewishfaces.com/china.html White’s don’t know about this piece of history, but joos do.

      Oh as for Jimmy Carter, the real reason the weaponized media smashed him and he lost reelection wasn’t for about Iran Hostages with Ted Kikoppee every night on TV with DAY 189 etc. or trying to buy peace with the Arabs and kikes no, I say it was letting Lt. Commander Ennis release his book the USS LIBERTY in 1977.

      The Red Guards of Chink nut land circa1968 mentality are exampled today the trolls on every location on the net that allows Whites to speak truthfully and factually.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


      In 1948 both the PRC with a murdering insane whacko Mao as itz leader and the birth of a gangster booth happened in the same year what luck.

      Oh, and Mao’s personal doctor from 1948 to 1959 with and R.N. where not Chinese and they flew home once a year to the gangster regime.

    10. Mel Brooks Says:

      Great stuff, Howdy.

      Tricky Dicky…it should never be forgotten that Richard Outhaus Nix-on was the Pres’ that slapped White America with forced bussing. He aws however Jew-wise but didn’t keep mum about it, THAT was his undoing.

      “kike appliance”..ROFL! That’s the fucking funniest phrase I’ve heard in ages. I’m keepin’ it.

    11. Teutonica Says:


      I just found your website when I found this great article by Ursula Haverbeck about her court case a few years ago. A good English translation also. Thank you for presenting it. I’ve re-blogged it.

      Want to make you aware of my website. Come visit it sometime.


      Best to you!