20 May, 2015

What Makes a Hater?

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“As I mentioned above, despite the authoritarian flavor of most hate letters, I am sure that not every hater is a compulsive authoritarian. I am sure that there are some more or less “normal” White people who hate us for entirely rational reasons. For example, there are White businessmen who are profiting from the flood of Third World immigrants pouring into America, and they resent anyone who opposes the flood and threatens their profits.”


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  7. One Response to “What Makes a Hater?”

    1. melvin polatnick Says:

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      “Jewesses were prominent in the practice of prostitution. Thus, of 5127 licensed prostitutes in 1889, 1122 or 22 per cent were Jewish. Prostitution was very prevalent in the impoverished Habsburg province of Galicia. According to Rabbi Rosenak of the German Union of Rabbis, in 1902”
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      That is the reason why many Jews today are millionaires.
      May 2015