4 July, 2015

July Fourth Fear: Can Free Speech (And America) Survive A Minority-Dominated Supreme Court?

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by Patrick Cleburne.


“No representative of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant tradition (WASP for short) which founded the nation currently serves on the Supreme Court (much less a Southerner). This is not coincidental.”


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  7. 19 Responses to “July Fourth Fear: Can Free Speech (And America) Survive A Minority-Dominated Supreme Court?”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Just don’t obey those fuckers on the Supreme Court.

      What are they going to do?

      Send in the National Guard to make you bake a homo wedding cake?

      Force you to close your bakery when you don’t pay the fines? “Oh, I owe those lesbo $100 grand? Hmmm, I did not hear about that! Now, what would you like to buy?”

      Make you sign up for Obamacare? “Oh, I owe a penalty because I did not sign up? Sorry, my income for this year was zero dollars, so good luck getting your money! And my house is owned by my brother, not me, so you cannot put a lien against it.”

      All it is going to take is just one, JUST ONE state, with MEN running
      it, instead of the pussymen we have now.

    2. nom nom nom Says:

      Jews side with sodomy.

    3. nom nom nom Says:


    4. Mary O Says:

      The problem here is not just the Supreme Court. All the courts are being used to force leftist public policy on us.

      Gay marriage, Obamacare, and the Affirmative Action in Housing laws would all have failed miserably if put to a vote.

      Abortion and immigration would fail, too.

      Affirmative Action and outsourcing would fail.

      The wars would all fail.

      The stupid sentimental “alliance” with Israel would also fail.

      These issues are economic, and need to be brought before the electorate.

      Obviously, Obamacare will cost a fortune, since free unlimited healthcare is one of the freebies being offered to lure immigrants into the US.

      The wars are all a fat waste of money.

      The key issue is that we have no jobs.

      And, all of these policies cost money, which we don’t have.

      Gay marriage is being used to destroy the family. The leftists want citizens to have no source of support, even emotional support, except the state.

      If the “parents” are just any 2 adults, the home supervised by the state, all the important decisions made by the state, and the parents are paid stipends by the state; the family bonds will only be very weak. The likelihood that the child could rely on the family members for emotional or material support past the legally required 21yo is unlikely. Without real intimacy, the family is reduced to a quasi-employment situation; totally controlled by the state.

      Isn’t this fascism?

      We are supposed to trust childcare issues to the state; rely on the state to make decisions about our health and diet; obey the state in politically correctness; believe in the state (rather than God); fight for the state (though the wars are senseless).

      We are the state, and the state is us?

      Anyone who is willing to sacrifice their identity to the state can join the state. Therefore, all illegal aliens (who as weak-minded peasants love a strong state) are therefore to be encouraged to come here to take advantage.

      The more state tools that flow in, the more the White middle-class is crushed economically.

      The Confederate symbols are mainly used in mild rebuke to an over-reaching state. The bearers were traditionalists, who disapproved of huge public assistance programs, and an overly intrusive government.

      But not even the mildest criticism of the policies of the state can be tolerated.

      The only difference between our gov and typical fascism is that fascist dictators are usually popular, or at least popular when they first come to power. Seems to me that no one ever really like Clinton, Bush etc. all that much.

    5. fd Says:

      The criminal, lawless Federal government is running an extortion racket. If the states don’t cooperate with each and every request, the federals will exact revenge.

      There will be no peace until the Washington government is defunct.

    6. Luke Says:

      “Send in the National Guard to make you bake a homo wedding cake?”

      No, but I predict that within no less than 10 years, they’ll be sending out Armies of fudge packers dressed in SWAT Team outfits, armed to the teeth, arriving at your residence in 2 gallons per mile, gas guzzling US Army MRAPS, and they will be shoving an M16 against the heads of anyone suspected of being a heterosexual White male, forcing them to drop their pants and skivvies, and then these fudge packing storm troopers will be using calipers to measure the size of the rectal opening for these suspected homophobic, evil straight White males and if it ain’t stretched out wide enough to prove he has been taking his share of homo acupuncture – then, he will be arrested and charged with being a potential hate crime criminal.

      See the Tom Cruise flick, The Minority Report for a glimpse of what the jews are planning for our future.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Luke Says:
      4 July, 2015 at 6:29 pm

      “Send in the National Guard to make you bake a homo wedding cake?”


      Luke, sadly, but IMO right now most remaining White cops are to the left of the Bell Curve and would do any thing they are told to do. Just give them more toys, helicopters, MRAPS new weapon’s gizmo’s along with their weekly bulletins about evil White men radicals etc. We are at war with the World and our people are willing to kill each other due to be brain rinsed and being in heretic cults, and hating them selves.

      Salvation will come from the extrodinary White’s, followed those whose inner call force them off the fence as instincts fully awaken.

      The Hollywood/NYC movies since the 1970’s have been full of kike projections, in so many sick hopeless stories.

      They chose the sick, violent and demented stories to put to film because it them.

      Excalibur 1981 is what happened when John Borman and few other White’s made a movie to sound the alarm then. Boorman had worked for Hollywood he knew them well.

    8. findgold Says:

      Faggots are in power. Government contracts are given out to only faggot CEOs. Only faggots are getting promotions. Lesbians are being hired first in every large corporation. The upper class will be filled with perverts.

    9. findgold Says:

      Rambo style white men are on the no fly list. Heavy armor is being used by SWAT teams to penetrate Rambo fortresses.

    10. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      “Salvation will come from the extrodinary White’s , followed those whose inner call force them off the fence as instincts fully awaken.”

      Mr. Doody, that inner call can only come from a return to the Scriptures, and the realization that the Lord God made the races, for perpetuity.

      In the Book of the Revelation, after 1000 years of righteous reign, the “nations” and the “peoples” of the earth are talked about as separate entities. Just as an earthly father has children who are different, so the Heavenly Father has Peoples who are different. Neither father wants to make one child into another one!

      The notion that Christianity wants to make everyone a “brown man” is a deception of the Enemy, and works to our detriment.

      Return to the Scriptures.

    11. fd Says:

      Their baaack: Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus. Jan and Dean announce they are leaving only to return again and again. No problem.

      I can here the Jew god callin’ me.
      Wonder if my rope still hangin’ to the tree. (corruption of CCR)

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess Trans-Am Jill and Beeg Jeem Haysoos have once again come back to vanguardnewsnetwork.com because every other pro-White website has tossed ’em out.

      “Return to the scriptures”….I was never at the scriptures to begin with. Besides, they are nothing but a collection of Levantine fairy-tales written by anonymous authors at unknown dates. Many if not most stories in the bible are based on so-called pagan mythology. Jesus is not a real person, he is based on earlier pagan gods and prophets like Horus, Mithras, Zoroaster and Buddha.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      It was an unusually quiet Fourth of July this year here in the USSA, possibly because White America is starting to realize that this country is under enemy alien occupation. Hence there is no “independence” to celebrate.

    14. fd Says:

      Scary flag front and center at the NASCAR races. Daytona Beach:


    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, you’ll be pleased to know that I have BOTH those types of Rebel flags, as well as the Third Confederate National Flag. I like the banner underneath those flags that reads WELCOME RACE FANS. Ha! Take that, NASCAR, you cowardly PC eunuchs!

    16. fd Says:

      Confederate flag associated with 9 killed at Charleston church shooting.

      After the FBI gassed and burned to death men, women and children inside the Branch Davidian church, the American flag was immediately lowered by a marauding party of federal agents to prevent the viewing public from associated the flag with mass murder.


    17. fd Says:

      “WELCOME RACE FANS.” That’s funny.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      Hold on a second Jill and Big Jim, ok there may be 1 or 2 obscure Baptist ‘churches’ somewhere with about 10 members that aren’t pushing for ‘brown man’, but all the mainline denominations are fully on board with race destruction and race-mixing, only for White nations of course. They are also pretty keen on fags too!

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true, CW, there is an Anglican church near the campus of where I went to college that has a large rainbow Fag Power flag draped over the front of it with one of those celebrate perversity, I mean die-versity, banners under it. But let’s face it……Christianity has always been a magnet for homosexuals. At least now that religion is being more or less open about it.