8 July, 2015

San Franqueersco, Sanctuary Cities and the Childlike Liberal Mindset

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Liberals are always right, and whatever they say is true and real. When they say that “it’s so,” then it’s so. For example, liberals calling San Francisco a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens automatically makes the city a sanctuary city. How? Because the liberals said it’s a sanctuary city! They just said it and it became reality! Like 5-year-olds, they wished it into existence! The same goes for “civil rights,” “global warming,” racial and sexual equality, and other silly things that don’t really exist. They just say it, and repeat it over and over, and suddenly it’s a real thing that cannot be challenged because, well, because it’s real and legit, because they say so.

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  7. 4 Responses to “San Franqueersco, Sanctuary Cities and the Childlike Liberal Mindset”

    1. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Liberals believe that by saying something, they make it true.

      Men of reality know what is true, whether they enunciate it, or not.

      Liberals put themselves in the place of God.

      ALL the world’s religions have warned against this delusion. How strange that it should find a deep root in American soil.

    2. Mary O Says:

      Regarding pop novels, often the female heroine has interests and ability that no normal women would have. Could the promoters believe that fantasy creates beliefs? If the readers many times encounter the larger-than-life pop heroine, do they start believing that all women are basically short men? Is it a mass-scale Culturally Marxist psychological engineering project?

      Female characters with super-human skills could also be due to laziness. The author invents a character with an unusual ability (like breaking into houses), then he makes the character female to distract the reader with questions like “What on earth would motivate a girl to such behavior?”

      Not that all fictional characters have to be true to life, but what would happen if a contemporary author wrote a book about how real women actually react?

      For example, my summer “beach” novel starts with a woman hiking the Alps with her husband. She pulls a daring stunt to show off how athletic she is, and ends up dying a horrible death in the bottom of a crevasse.

      One can easily believe a hiker being just plain stupid, but adult women do not engage in physical recklessness just for fun.

      More likely the woman would have refused to climb to 9000 feet during an avalanche watch. Wouldn’t such a situation and the related dialog between the husband and wife be a lot more interesting than meaningless leftist drivel? Why can’t a woman’s natural caution be presented sympathetically?

    3. fd Says:

      Off topic

      South Carolina politicians vote for Consolidated Despotism. The Dixie battle flag comes down.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The next time the Stars and Bars is raised above the SC state capitol it will be as the flag of a reborn independent Southern nation.