19 September, 2015

“Cuckservative” Has the Cucks Worried

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Whoever invented that word deserves one big “attaboy!” Also, read the last paragraph of this article: what’s the difference between Christianity and communism? Not much difference. Both deny race or creed. Both see the entire world as “one people.” Both spring from Jews.


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  7. 10 Responses to ““Cuckservative” Has the Cucks Worried”

    1. fd Says:

      Cuck is probably derived from ‘cuckold’ (unfaithful). Shakespeare used it in his tragedy “Othello”.

    2. Col. Peiper Says:

      That’s exactly right religions have only been used for controlling and manipulating the gullible sheeple for centuries. Christianity was forced upon Europeans by compulsion. It not about what religion you pray too, in the end it’s about race and solidarity of your own kinsmen. All western countries are now under siege from the machinations of the Jew for world domination.

    3. Mary O Says:

      Quote at the end of article: “Conservatives should reject those on both extremes of the spectrum. We defend a culture, not a race. The foundation of that culture is a faith that makes no distinction among races but rather declares, unequivocally, “All are one, in Christ Jesus.” Shunning the slur disempowers the trolls and forces the radical Left to confront the race hatred that fuels its own rage.”

      Their religion provides a sugar-coating to mask racial supremacy. We are all one, indeed.

      The Kennedys too believed in religious nationalism, and their vision of “a nation of immigrants” actually was intended to be a nation of Catholics, with Western European Catholics (like the Kennedys themselves) serving as an educated elite, and ruling over a nation newly-flooded with Spanish-speaking Catholics, similar to the de facto White supremacist governance in many South American countries.

      But over the past 5 decades, the US has not seen the rise of a White Catholic elite; in fact, a large number of Whites felt betrayed, and fled the Catholic church, disgusted by immigration, and its resultant crime, political correctness and high taxation. Many of the immigrants also rejected Catholicism and joined “evangelical” groups, with their more flexible doctrine and structures. Catholic churches remain highly segregated by ethnicity. The Kennedys fell into disrepute.

      Maybe these “anti-racist” Christians similarly have some vision of themselves as the Great White Parents of the immigrant masses who would all surely convert to Christianity. What makes them think that they will have better luck than the Kennedys, esp. considering that the Catholic Church actually had more global unity than any of the other Christian denominations?

      The true conflict here is racial supremacy vs. racial separatism; the leftists who oppose inter-racial adoptions (as described in this article) are correct when they say such adoptions destroy culture, the protection of which requires separatism.

    4. Mary O Says:

      I’ll bet the first person to use “cuck” in a political context was a poster on VNN. Maybe one of the admin could do a text search. Whoever it was deserves a medal.

    5. Jurgen Says:

      COL. PEIPER said it all perfectly in his comment above.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      A wholesome culture can sustain a nation or race, but a culture is to a large measure the product of genes, so cultures are not transferable between races but are the intimate expression of the racial genome.
      Christianity was to a large degree alien to the Aryan and European mind, but was over the centuries slowly digested and the objectionable Semitic features discarded. However, the Semitic features now appear to have come back with renewed vigor, even hostility.
      As usual VNN leads the way, ‘Cuck’ is a great meme, we need a similar expression for Christians who destroy their own people.

    7. Rick Says:

      The catholic church is to blamed for the high miscegenation in the spanish american colonies, the pope actually green light the institutionalized race mixing with indians, when spaniards first wanted to exclude them from their societies.

      It was Bartolome de las Casas, a possible marrano, who spread the false narrative of the black legend within the church to “shame” the colonists of the time.

      Americans have been subjected to their own black legend too, but if you read a book like “fate worse than death” you’ll be cured against cultural marxism.

    8. fd Says:

      Christianity, Islam, communism and democracy were spread with fire and sword. The German White Racial State was transformed into Jewish Democratic Capitalism with bombs and bullets.

      The slip-stream of International Jewry taps into production without breaking a sweat.

    9. -jc Says:


    10. -jc Says:

      Cuckservative should be pronounced “Kook-servative”

      cuckoo /?ku?ku/
      plural cuckoos

      1 cuckoo
      plural cuckoos
      : a type of bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds and that has a call that sounds like its name