1 February, 2016

February is Black History Month

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In observance of Black History Month, here’s a list of all the things that Blacks have given the world:

1. Murder

2. Robbery

3. Rape

4. Drug Dealing

5. Crotch-Grabbing/”Muh Dick” Obsessions

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  7. 6 Responses to “February is Black History Month”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Socrates, they have also given to the world a style of discourse that is now everywhere.

      It consists of not listening to, and speaking over, the person who does not agree with you.

      Maybe in France, Japan, etc. there is still civil debate?

    2. Luke Says:

      You mean that blacks didn’t actually create the pyramids or the high tech airplanes that Calypso Louie tells us they routinely flew around the pyramids, to admire their architectural genius?

      Dang. How did I ever fall for that bullshit?

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Whenever they say, “Muh dick” I say:

      “Yes, that is what you got instead of a brain.”

    4. J├╝rgen Says:

      YOU GO BACK”

      That’d be my motto if I ran for president.
      First thing in office – all niggers are deported
      to Africa.

    5. fd Says:

      If I were the Federal president, I would issue an executive order to dissolve the Federal government. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Many years ago I was debating niggers in those old yahoo political chat rooms and at least twice when I was kicking their asses they starting talking about how big their dicks were which made them better than whites. Really, they reasoned that since they think they have big dicks and they can dunk basketballs that makes them the envy of the world.

      The nigger is a pea brained savage who has absolutely no right to exist in white nations.