6 February, 2016

The Genocide of White Culture: Refujihadists are Sent to Nice, White Towns in Montana

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Why aren’t the brown invaders being sent to New York City or Chicago – places that are already multicultural and therefore “immigrant-friendly”? The answer is: because the Obama administration wants to put an end to White America. (Notice the mention of churches helping the invaders. Churches aren’t your friends, White man).


  • 4 Responses to “The Genocide of White Culture: Refujihadists are Sent to Nice, White Towns in Montana”

    1. fd Says:

      Excellent point. These invaders/racial slop should be absorbed in New York City and Chicago. Add to that Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The latter is a salty mix of Jews and Negroes that would sicken the heart of an ancient savage. As early as 1855, Cincinnati established its 5th synagogue. The Jewish gateway to the West.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Yeah, NYC and LA would make perfect destinations for mudslim savages, but then white people would be getting off scot free and government policy is crafted to eliminate any and all white redoubts and safe havens in N. America.

      I wonder what took the Obongo gov’t so long to begin the long anticipated effort to brown out the Pacific Northwest which is largely a haven for white people fleeing multiculturalism in other parts of the country? Even though it appears the white locals have succeeded in temporarily nixing the plan the kikes and their shabbos goy christians will definitely be back. And lest any whites try to get too chesty and threaten to use their second amendment rights to rectify the situation if mudlims start appearing, well, the FBI and DHS will be on standby to summarily execute them a la Lavoy Finicum, Randy Weaver and Waco.

      Oh, and David Lubbell looks like a kike and probably is one.

    3. Luke Says:

      The left is also working on changing the demographics of ‘red’ states, so they will become ‘blue’ and the end result will be that no White Conservative politician will be able to get elected to office in any state in the USA.

      If you study the Electoral map that shows the states with the highest number of electoral college votes – you’ll notice that those states are also the states with the highest numbers of third worlders and non-white minorities. That is no innocent coincidence – it was done deliberately.

      Say what you want about how evil the left is, but these SOBs are light years ahead of The Stupid Party with regards to their long term planning.

      What makes this even more amazing is how nobody on the establishment right seemed to recognize what the left has been doing – despite the fact that they doing this right under their noses – such as is the case with Obama sending these third worlders to Montana.

    4. rigor mortis Says:

      What the jews and shabbaz goyim are doing is the application of a policy laid out in the mold testament.. How any sane White could adhere to a religious spin off foisted on Whites like Xianity is beyond me. Jews can bomb the fuck out of Palestinians, rob them, rape them and get away with it, they can author a book of voodoo religion that gives them carte blanche to destroy everything that breathes, and rights to use women and children as sex toys and hewers of wood and drawers of water. ie. slaves. If the jews are every indicted for crimes against the White race, the old jew book should serve as number one reference.