2 March, 2016

Empty GOP Establishment Threats (Being Made In Order to Appease Big Jew)

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Big Jew must really be crying into the ears of “Establishment Republican” leaders, because they’re making tough-sounding statements against Donald Trump. Some big Republican leader was on TV, saying (paraphrasing) “Trump won’t be the Republican nominee. We won’t allow it.” But if the Establishment GOP tries to keep Trump from winning the Republican nomination, millions of angry rank-and-file Republicans will flee the GOP (and possibly try to form their own party). If that happens, then the Republicans certainly won’t win the election in November. Do the Establishment Republican leaders want to risk that? Nope. In other words, the anti-Trump talk is just worthless chatter.

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    1. fd Says:

      I said awhile back that a 3 way split in the republican party would give the democrats a White House victory. And this is what it’s down to. If the heavy hand of the Jews derail Trump, the republicans might be scattered to the winds.

      Kennedy and Johnson destroyed the racist democrat party in the 1960s by using federal troops to force civil rights on the solid South. ‘I’ll have another piece of apple pie, you know it don’t seem right.’

    2. Mark Says:

      Notice the brilliant Jewish principle of reversal at work: “But Trump cannot beat Hillary!” Truth is that ONLY Trump can beat Hillary and the Jews know this. In Massachusetts, for example, 20k Democrats voted for Trump in the Republican primary. The Jews know that Democrats perceive Cruz and Rubio (although pro-Israel stooges) as religious fanatics and unlikely to garner any left wing support in the general election; hence, “But Trump cannot beat Hillary!”

      Many establishment Republicans even vow to vote for Hillary if Trump wins the Republican nomination. But why? If the Republicans only sought to hold onto their power as suggested by some, why would they vote for Hillary and not Trump?

      Because foremost, the Republicans want to preserve the status quo of Jewish policies and power, i.e., open borders, unlimited wars for Israel – concepts under attack by Trump’s pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border (Republicans and Democrats alike only support Israel building walls to control immigration) and Trump’s statements about wanting to restore friendly relations with Putin.

      Republicans are reluctant to lose power, but willing to lose power if and only if, Jewish policies and power remains unchallenged.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Hillary has a micropenis.

    4. rigor mortis Says:

      Bloomberg announced his withdrawal to form a 3rd party, which he was planning to do, if Hillary was
      not fairing well in the race. Well it looks like Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in Michigan by a landslide over the madame micropenis