27 April, 2016

How to Cure Yourself of Anti-Whitism

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Step 1: Go to your local library and look up “Western Civilization.”

Step 2: Spend several days reading about “Western Civilization.”

Step 3: Realize that White people invented the world and are the greatest humans in history.

Step 4: You’re cured!


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  7. 2 Responses to “How to Cure Yourself of Anti-Whitism”

    1. Joe Says:

      Step 5: Do a little delving to discover who it is whose writings and machinations have been devoted to destroying Western Civilization.

      Step 6: Begin fearlessly divulging these newly-discovered facts to everyone willing to listen.

      Step 7: Use every resource to defeat and wipe out the pathogen.

      Step 8: Celebrate! The world is cured!

    2. archer Says:

      Step 9: If some black or brown accuses you of “cultural appropriation” for having your daughters hair braided or eating a taco, tell them, every time you use a flush toilet, ride a train, airplane, use air conditioning etc. you are appropriating my culture.