15 April, 2016

When It Comes to Nation-Wrecking, Why Limit Yourself?, or, Two Birds, One Stone

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Not only did America destabilize Syria by helping the anti-Assad “rebels,” but America is also destabilizing itself by importing Syrian refugees/refujihadists [1]. Why wreck one nation when you can wreck two?


[1] the U.S. is hoping that Assad will be overthrown without American troops having to invade Syria to overthrow him, i.e., an “Iraq War II” scenario. Removing a capable leader like Assad will only further destabilize the Middle East

  • 3 Responses to “When It Comes to Nation-Wrecking, Why Limit Yourself?, or, Two Birds, One Stone”

    1. Wolfer Says:

      It all started a long time ago when Henry Kissinger bombed the hell out of Viet Nam to create public sympathy for Asian refugees.

    2. Heather Blue Says:

      Isn’t this just part of the strategy the Jews are using to carry out white genocide?

      Under no circumstances would Muslims cooperate with the Jews to carry out genocide – or anything else. So, the Jews force them. By destabilizing the Middle East, bombing the devil out of Arab nations, deposing their leaders, etc. makes them refugees without a home. As we can see …the refugees flee to western nations where they get revenge by blowing up our public buses, trains, airports, shooting up restaurants, recreation centers, raping white females of any age from babies to old women, beating up white kids because they are blond and blue eyed, torture our pet dogs, steal our property, rip off the welfare system, etc.

      On the one hand our warmongering government destroys Arab nations willy nilly and on the other hand act as if we then must be compassionate with the very refugees they created and welcome them into our nations to hate us. The best thing we could do for the Muslims is get out of the Middle East and leave those people alone. But that wont happen as long as the Jews can use them to help kill us. I think this entire Middle Eastern crap is about white genocide.

    3. fd Says:

      I wish somebody would wreck this criminal nation. It would be an improvement.

      I’m getting tired of hearing about these 14th amendment citizens who join the service to be invaders for the Federals.. They come home missing limbs, and I’m suppose to believe they’re heroes. The recklessness these people have adventured upon was their choice. The kind of people who join the service today will gleefully kick your door in and kill all the inhabitants in the name of Federal patriotism. And they get paid for it.