11 May, 2016

The Killing of Kayla

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“About the only recent Black-on-White killings which have received news coverage which even mentioned the racial element were the murders of three White men in Pittsburgh last week by a Black killer who became enraged when a White repair crew failed to repair the door on his subsidized apartment fast enough to suit him and who told everyone who would listen that he hated Whites and wanted to kill all White people. It was pretty hard for the media to keep the racial angle out of that story. I have a prediction to make, however: the media will let this story die a lot quicker than they let die a couple of other stories about racial killings which come to mind: the story of Buford Furrow, for example, who wounded several Jews and killed one Filipino in Los Angeles last year, or the story of Benjamin Smith, who killed one Korean and one Black in Illinois.”


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