25 June, 2016

After the Brexit Vote

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The Jews and the elites are scared now: they’re worried that other European countries will follow Britain’s lead and leave the EU. If that happens, it will be much harder for the Jews and the elites to push the New World Order agenda. That agenda includes: a global government, no borders, no countries, “global (brown-skinned) citizens,” cradle-to-grave political indoctrination for the global citizens, a global currency, global gun control, Orwellian spying on the citizens by the global government, etc. [1].


[1] already in Britain, there are government-monitored surveillance cameras on nearly every street corner

  • 6 Responses to “After the Brexit Vote”

    1. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      The results of this referendum can only have a positive long term effect on Europe and the West in general. If there are short term negative effects for the economy they are worth it in the overall scheme of things. Anything that throws a wrench into the plans of the globalists to create a one-world dictatorship is a positive move in a world where everything up to this time has seemed to go their way. Small is beautiful, big is ugly and uncontrollable!

    2. Mary O Says:

      The British economy will ONLY benefit: both long & short-term, now they can shut down all the “refugee” services, and deport the parasites. Hillary is afraid that we are going to see that fact: the British economy and national morale soaring.

      Here in the US, retirees only get about half what they need to survive from SSI. Unless they worked for the government, their retirement packages are inadequate. Typically SSI pays less than $1000 per month, not enough to pay rent on a small studio in most north-eastern US locations.

      Nor should these retirees be blamed for not preparing for their future. Since the 90s, people have been terminated from employment in waves of corporate “lay-offs,” which destroyed their savings and investments. Many people were forced to return to college to change “careers” – costing them even more money and time.

      Students are forced to take huge amounts in loans for a BA which only amounts to a bogus work permit. The amount they need to borrow keeps growing because the government is continually cutting the amount of subsidy it grants to colleges and universities.

      Neither the senior citizens nor the students seem to realize that the fed gov is wasting billions of dollars housing immigrants, giving them full Medicaid, SNAP, education (including bi-lingual & special ed), “work training” programs, Affirmative Action, and free daycare.

      All that money could just as easily go to us!

      For our old age, to help our sick and elderly, to educate our young people – not to mention repairing our infrastructure such as roads and bridges, cleaning graffiti off of our buildings, and lowering our taxes.

    3. Luke Says:

      I urge caution on being prematurely optimistic on the Brexit vote. The jews and their shabez goys are not going to roll over and surrender without resorting to as many underhanded schemes as they can, to try to nullify the Brexit vote.

      Allow me to recommend this article:


      End of the EU? Germany Warns of Brexit Domino Effect as 5 More Countries Push to Leave Europe

    4. fd Says:

      Jews and their lackeys want a vote do-over.

      The Jew boys will certainly strike back. But that could back-fire. Those people have a long history of over-playing their hand.

    5. Spahnranch69 Says:

      The (((mass media))) is only focusing on the butt hurt losers in the Brexit vote, (((they))) have yet to show any patriotic Britons celebrating their victory. (((They))) are also trying to scare the public with threats of global markets crashing because of Brexit. In Mein Kampf the Fuhrer said the jews would threaten to pull stunts like that against any nation that defied them. But the jews’ empire is based on lies, illusions and paper play-money. None of it is real.

    6. Klassikality Says:

      I’m amused by all the doom and gloom in the media about the world financial system fallout from the Brexit vote. Markets are down? Oh my, better call my broker and get more conservative with my investments, don’t wanna lose my third home in Florida!
      Really, how silly. I am most likely in the majority myself as someone who makes enough to just scrape by. When I wake up in the morning and hear some economist on the radio who has never really worked for a living braying on about the terrible result of the Brexit vote, it means about as much to me as the idiotic sports report. I’m trying to keep my car filled with gas and an trying not to fret about using the AC too much this summer.
      Sorry if I dont have the proper college degree to grasp the severity of the financial situation, but investing and stocks and bonds and currency rates just dont fit into my life at the moment. Maybe after I get my novel published and it tops the best seller list and I rake in millions… What you say people don’t read anymore? Damn, nevermind then.