21 June, 2016

The EU Vote: On Thursday, Britain Must Choose Between Slavery and Sovereignty

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“Are we to go on living in nation-states, under laws and customs suited to our peoples and their histories, with secure borders and a sensible concern for demographic stability; or are we to become a uniform global peasantry herded and taxed by cosmopolitan elites?” [1].


[1] all countries have natural sovereignty, therefore, global governmental entities (e.g., the EU, the UN, NATO) are illegal by default, since they violate sovereignty

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  7. 2 Responses to “The EU Vote: On Thursday, Britain Must Choose Between Slavery and Sovereignty”

    1. Klassikality Says:

      I do believe the vast majority of British people (real Brits, you know, WHITE.) want out. I just cant have any faith in “voting.” Like Stalin said, its not who casts the votes but who counts them. Yet regardless of the results i think more of the British public is more preoccupied with the ridiculous “European” football championships going on now. The “English” team looks to be half full of Africans, but it fits right in with most of the rest of the “Euro” teams. Looks like Iceland might be actually made up of all White players. Not sure who else. The English fans can fight and riot to “support” their multi cult multi millionaire team, but cant seem to channel any of that energy at home to take back their country.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Nigger ball has been made into the opium of the White masses. Very sad.