8 June, 2016

The Theft of Our Freedom

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Other laws, based on the same “freedom from oppression” theory, criminalize any speech or other expression which might “oppress” a “disadvantaged” person — that is, it criminalizes so-called “hate speech.” Jewish and liberal groups have succeeded in pushing such speech-limitation laws through several state legislatures. They also have succeeded in convincing a substantial portion of the public that “hate,” “racism,” and “discrimination” are illegal, even in those states where they have not yet succeeded in enacting “hate” laws. Thus, they have intimidated many people into limiting their own speech, in the belief that to say something Politically Incorrect might result in a prosecution. And, I am sorry to say, in many cases they have gotten away with these infringements on the freedom of other Americans: infringements committed in the name of “freedom from oppression.”


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