2 June, 2016

Trump the Anti-Intellectual

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Seen on the TV: a journalist repeating something that Obama said about Donald Trump: he’s not an intellectual. Thank God he’s not! Intellectuals are full of ridiculous and dangerous ideas. Even Orson Welles admitted it. Being able to quote Jean-Paul Sartre and eat quiche at the same time isn’t going to help you get ahead in life. It won’t help you change a flat tire or fix a leaky faucet. Paraphrasing a movie: “Sitting around thinking is no way to go through life, son.” There are thinkers, and there are doers. Trump is a doer. (If Obama wants to think of himself as an intellectual [ha-ha!], let him).

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  7. 4 Responses to “Trump the Anti-Intellectual”

    1. fd Says:

      Intellect is most likely a phony concept that doesn’t exist.

      Intellect — Pi R Square. Common sense hillbilly — Pi R Round / Cornbread is Square.

      Unfortunately the signatories of the Constitution were intellects which explains why they designed an Orwellian, megalomaniac compact that absorbs everything it touches like the BLOB.

    2. Socrates Says:

      A very interesting observation, fd!

    3. Joe Says:

      “Intellect” is an enigmatic word. It’s defined as “the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, esp. with regard to abstract or academic matters”.
      But, most people given the title of “Intellectual” do not take into account practicality or “common sense”. They live and think in a fantasy world with only their ideals to keep them company. I would much rather be governed by people who take natural law and reality as their starting point for all potential solutions to problems they may confront.

    4. archer Says:

      How can a commie Muslim consider himself and “intellectual”? They are both murdering death cults.