13 July, 2016

Ginsburg’s Comments on Trump: Not Surprising

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal Jewess and a U.S. Supreme Court justice, made some unusual (unusual for court justices) comments about Donald Trump. But is this surprising? No, for two reasons: 1) the Jews are worried about Trump becoming president. They see him as an unpredictable populist who, unlike previous presidents, may not do “what’s good for the Jews.” For example, he might support the creation of a Palestinian state – oy veh!! 2) Jews, as a people, are more emotional than Whites. They experience more “affect intensity” (i.e., they are more easily angered/upset and therefore more likely to raise a ruckus) [1].


[1] “There is considerable evidence that Jews are higher than average on emotional intensity. Emotionally intense people are prone to intense emotional experience of both positive and negative emotions” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald. A “high AI” (affect intensity) person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion

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