25 July, 2016

“Minorities” and Stroke After-Care

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First of all, in many places in America, “minorities” are now the majority. e.g., California, NYC, Miami and Deeetroit. Second of all, we’re told all the time by the media and the schools that “race doesn’t matter, we humans are all the same except for our skin color.” If that’s true, then why do “minorities” receive different stroke treatments than Whites do? (Trivia: even when they eat the same diet as Whites, Black and Brown people have many more health problems than Whites, e.g., Blacks have more diabetes and high blood pressure. Given that fact, you would think that insurance companies would charge Blacks more for health insurance. But no. In fact, thanks to special “civil rights laws,” it’s illegal for insurance companies to charge Blacks more for health insurance. Instead, the insurance companies offset the extra costs of insuring Blacks by charging more money overall for health insurance – in other words, Whitey ends up paying for it, as usual. Isn’t it bad enough that Whitey is paying for Obamacare, a.k.a. ScrewWhiteyCare?).


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  7. 2 Responses to ““Minorities” and Stroke After-Care”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      And Whitey also ends up paying more for foods because of that damn jew kosher tax.

      jews and negros are the root cancer America suffers from. Everything else is a symptom of this disease.

    2. Tim Says:

      With the decline of whites and blacks no longer useful for destroying a now dead white America, blacks will get even less care. Inference is not a black strength