27 July, 2016

Non-White Immigration: Death Sentence for America

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Most of these non-White races breed much faster than Whites do. The result has been a steady rise in the percentage of non-White minorities in America. If you live on a farm in Kansas or the Dakotas you may not have noticed the change. If you live in Florida or California or New York, however, you certainly have noticed it. In fact, most of our people who live in America’s larger cities have had their faces rubbed in it.

If things continue as they are going now, there is no chance at all that this situation will become better. Non-White immigrants will continue pouring into America, because no matter how bad things get here, conditions will be even worse where these immigrants came from. The government will not even try to halt the illegal part of this non-White flood, because the government doesn’t really want it halted. And the non-Whites already here will continue to have more children than the Whites. At some time in the next century Whites will become a minority in North America. And the flood will continue.”


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  7. One Response to “Non-White Immigration: Death Sentence for America”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Sometime toward the end of this century even the large single use farms of Kansas and Iowa will be forced to become subsistence plots of 1 or 2 acres to accommodate primitive turd world farmers. The vast agricultural surpluses formerly produced will end, and with it the food subsidies to Africa and Asia.
      A small upside.