18 July, 2016

Poland Is Not Following the New World Order Agenda

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Good for you, Poland! Both Hungary and Poland are rejecting the Jew-sponsored Brown “refugee” invasion of Europe and they are catching 7 kinds of shit as a result; as if countries no longer have sovereignty. Make no mistake, newbies: if you allow thousands of Brown people into your White country, they will eventually outbreed the native Whites and your culture will be destroyed. Poland and Hungary know this [1]. Notice the mention of Germany’s “neurosis” and rich Arab countries vis-à-vis the “refugees” (indeed: why can’t Saudi Arabia take the Brown, Muslim “refugees”? Surely it has both the money and the land area to do so).


[1] Isn’t it bad enough that Poland and Hungary have already been Jewed before this? (i.e., Poland by Jewish communist leaders such as Jacob Berman and Hilary Minc, and Hungary by Jewish communist leaders such as Mathias Rakosi and Erno Gero). Must they be Jewed again?

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