25 August, 2016

Islam: a History

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As you read this article, keep in mind that Islam, like Christianity, has Jewish roots (yeah, it seems like everything has Jewish roots) [1].


[1] note this interesting comment about the Semitic religions from VNN poster “fd”: “Hinduism, Buddhism and paganism never waged war on others with respect to their belief system, so far as I know. It’s the warlike, megalomaniac Semitic religions that demand bloodshed” — fd, 17 February, 2015

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    1. Tom Says:

      What about pagan Danish raiders attacking Christian Saxons in England?

    2. fd Says:

      Judaism, Christianity and Islam wage war on nature. Natural Selection, Adaptation and Evolution will make short order of the above when the time is ripe.

      A.H. said had there been no Christianity there would be no Islam. The latter came about as a defensive religion.

    3. bangkav Says:

      The Viking Age began as a result of certain actions by Charlemagne, the king of France, in year 772, when he chopped down Irminsûl, the holy column or tree of the Saxons. He had assassinated approximately 5.000 Saxon noblemen, in cowardly ambushes, and crushed the ability of the Saxons to resist his armies any longer. This was the moment the northern brethren of the Saxons, the Scandinavians, finally ceased all hostilities against each other on a national level and instead started to wage war on Christianity. This was a war that started the age we know as the Viking Age. In 772 the kings of Norway were actually allied to Charlemagne in a war against the Danes, but they broke this pact when he cut down Irminsûl and assassinated the Saxon lords, and instead they too went to war against Charlemagne.

      Initially the Scandinavians attacked all the cloisters and burned all the churches in Scandinavia, in their own home countries, and this is the reason why Europe suddenly saw a stream of settlers from Scandinavia in the Viking Age. Historians have long wondered why so many Scandinavians all of a sudden emigrated, and have for some reason failed to see the obvious reason why. The simple fact is that the civil war in Scandinavia forced many of them to flee and look for other places to live.

      When the Christians in Scandinavia had been killed or were forced to flee the Pagans attacked the monasteries that had sent the missionaries to Scandinavia in the first place. In Norway’s case that was first and foremost the monastery on Lindisfarne, the Holy Island, in England. This attack is the first recorded Viking attack in history and took place the 6th of June in 793. The vast majority of the Viking attacks were naturally attacks on France, though, as we already know from the official history, because Charlemagne was seen as the main enemy, but also other parts of the Holy Roman Empire fell victim to such attacks as well as other Christian countries in Europe.

    4. Tom Says:

      I can’t see much difference between worshipping a tree or a cross. The pagans seemed as superstitious as Christians. And as the excerpt shows, pagans were sometimes aggressors against Christians.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Well said, and true, bangkov.

      I actually went to Aachen, Germany last year, and went to the Cathedral of Aachen that Charlemagne built.

      Very impressive. His throne-chair is still there.

      But then I learned about his war against the Saxons, and how he cut down their holy tree, against the advice of his most trusted men. How he butchered them—men, women, children. Accept the Holy Christ, or else, he told them.

      I went into a depression, a kind of stupor, for the rest of the trip.

      But yes, the Vikings just gave it right back. Can’t blame them, given the times, and the attitudes thereof.

    6. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Visiting the cathedral at Aachen is an excellent idea. Aachen was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne and was also the site of a famous battle between the Americans and Germans in WWII.

      The rise of Pigslam forced the Eastern Roman Empire to let go of its provinces in the former Western Roman Empire so it could spend the next 800 friggin years fighting the Mohammedans, a fight which they ultimately lost. Like fd says if it wasn’t for Christ-insanity there never would have been any Piglsam.

      fd, your views on David Duke running for the Senate, please.

    7. Gordon Bakken Says:

      “The Jewish based religions are war like.” Good observation
      Look at the Jewish foreign policy spelled out in Deuteronomy 20:10-16.
      In essence it says: In the land where god wants you to live, kill everyone, man women children and animals. Do not leave alive anything that breathes.
      In the rest of the world, offer each city a chance to become your slaves. If they refuse, kill all the adult males, and take the women and children as slaves.