17 October, 2016

Shotgun Funnies

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One day, I had to test-fire a 12-gauge shotgun to make sure it was functioning properly. So, I picked up some shotgun shells at the store and went to a local shooting range. I took my position at the range and loaded the shotgun. I fired it. WHAM!! It felt like a horse kicked me in the shoulder! I was literally knocked senseless: I was like, “Elvis, is that you??” But I guessed it was just an over-loaded round. So I tried it again. WHAM!! Same thing: an enormous kick. This time, I nearly fell down – what the hell is this?? I walked over to another fellow who was shooting nearby, and I asked him, “why are these shotgun shells so damn powerful??” He looked at the box of shells and said, “well, it’s no wonder! These are the most powerful shotgun loads I’ve ever seen. They’re for hunting geese and things like that! Maximum power, high-brass shells!”

Here’s a lesson: know your shotgun shells before you fire them.

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