27 November, 2016

Fidel Castro Dies

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Castro was a loud-mouthed communist hoodlum who posed as a “leader”[1]. He was a brutal thug who was responsible for lots of murder and oppression [2], but nonetheless he was much admired by Hollywood celebrities – which tells you a lot about Hollywood! If Donald Trump is a true patriot, after he takes office on January 20th, he will demand that Cuba release the anti-communists who are rotting in Cuban prisons and also demand that Cuba grant political freedom and freedom of speech to all Cubans.

[1] Castro had marrano Jewish roots

[2] Cuban citizens who failed to toe the communist line were penalized in a variety of ways. Sometimes they were jailed, other times they had their food rations reduced, or their loved ones were threatened. Snitching on your neighbor for real, or imaginary, political “crimes” was common, leading to a climate of fear and distrust

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  7. 4 Responses to “Fidel Castro Dies”

    1. fd Says:

      Whatever Castro’s villainy was, I admire him for telling the criminals on the Potomac to f**k off.

      Maybe one day the boys on the Georgia-Florida Line will march hither to South Florida and drive the Jews and Cubans into the sea. Those people have made that portion of the state intolerable for decent White people.

    2. FJ Says:

      The criminals on the potomac wanted Castro to succeed, this why they demonize Batista so much before the commie takeover, first the glorified him in the media, then they supplied weapons to him and his band of criminals and not content with that they also planned that terrible bay of pigs that was meant to fail, I think Allen Dulles was a commie who used that failed invasion to humilliate Kennnedy.

      I’m glad this piece of shit, who is responsible for the Bogotazo, the commie revolution in Cuba and the spread of communism in Venezuela through Chavez is finally gone for good.

    3. FJ Says:

      In the I950’s, our chart- forging press and “intellectual” leadership began a campaign of vilification of the leader of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista, because he was a “dictator” who was oppressing the peasants. Batista was a Christian, an anti-Communist, a friend of America and in league with no foreign power. But Batista had something about him that our shipwreck leaders didn’t like and could not tolerate. He was damned and hounded by our leaders for “oppressing” people.

      Our State Department and CIA aided and abetted every kind of movement to overthrow and murder Batista (as they did with Trujillo, another anti-Communist Latin American leader). As just one sample of how “our” State Department operated to get rid of anti-Communist Batista, one has only to study the U. S. Senate Internal Subcommittee’s hearings on the man whom the State Department assigned to run the campaign against Batista, William Weiland. The record shows that this man, Weiland, went to incredible lengths, including perjury and withholding of official U. S. documents to cover up the fact that the man we were helping, Casfro, was a COMMUNIST.

      Castro helped LEAD an abortive revolution in Venezuela which is all reported in the Senate hearings on Weiland.

      Castro’s brother, Raul Castro, was frained in the techniques of Communist revolution in Moscow. All of Castro’s life he had devoted himself to Marxist uprisings and revolutions, and this fact was known to our State Department, AND much of our press.

      Yet we poured aid and comfort on Castro, and heaped scorn, hatred and attacks on Batista. We refused to sell arms to Batista, even while Czechoslovakia was pouring arms in to Castro – ARMS MADE AVAILABLE TO CZECHOSLOVAKIA BY “U. S. AID”! ! (Even after Casfro took power and began to abuse and shoot Americans as an arrogant, open COMMUNIST, Kennedy and Johnson continued to give “AID” to Czechoslovakia.)

      All of this was done by our sold-out “captains” in violation to the Monroe Docfrine and in open furtherance of the Communist wrecking of the American Ship of State. The system they use in suckering the poor, innocent crew of the good old ship, “U.S.A.”, is to play upon the noblest instincts of our people to help the oppressed and helpless. In the name of the oppressed peasants of Cuba, they disarmed and destroyed American friend Batista (because he was “brutal” to his people), and then installed a devilish and much more brutal COMMUNIST tyrant.

      All the while, the relatively few people who saw this terrible steering of our ship of state onto another Communist rock were doing their best to alert the American people to the fact that Castro was a RED COMMUNIST! But our people were lulled to sleep by the chart- forgers who used their usual technique of accusing their victims of the very thing they themselves were doing.

      So Mr. Castro was duly able to smash a Batista we disarmed, with Communist weapons we supplied, whereupon Casfro was brought to the U. S. A. for a friumphal tour of the nation. Ed Sullivan put him on national TV and, before millions of innocent Americans, said that Casfro was “the George Washington of Cuba” ! From our president on downs Americans were hearing the same deadly lies. Can you BLAME our people for being lost, confused and often disgusted?

      Of course, as soon as Casfro got back to Havana, he proceeded to stand up and boast, with utmost arrogance, that he had always been a Communist and his revolution was Marxist. Then he started the usual shooting of his opponents and LOOTING of American property.

      The crocodile tears from Eleanor, Acheson, Ike, Rusk and Lipmann, et al., over this Communist “betrayal” by Castro were a wonder to behold. They were “surprised” and “caught unawares” to the point where they were speechless.

      But no amount of these disastrous PRO-COMMUNIST “mistakes” by our leaders ever provokes any outcry from our press, radio and TV, etc. On the contrary, they give each other endless Pulitzer, Nobel and “Brotherhood” prizes. But the “extremists” and “bigots” who turn out to have been right each time, get the full treatment from both the Chart- forgers and the Crooked Captains.


      Commander George Lincoln

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      So goodbye old Fidel!
      Obama will miss you at your favorite Turkish bath where he used
      To fellate you while you smoked a cigar and blew it in his face
      And told him to bend over so Cuba could do what the US has done to
      Cuba. King Bongo didnt even ask for lube or a reach around as he soooo
      Admired the DickTater.
      That’s a detail from Bongo goes to Cooba
      That never made the press.