13 November, 2016

Yeah, Right, Sure

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White people “ruined” America? No, White people built the United States of America! Arrogant Jews, uppity Blacks, annoying leftists and hateful feminists ruined America. (I had a dream one night: in this dream, the U.S. government had built dozens of political prisons way out in the southwestern desert, in the middle of nowhere, and these prisons were filled with tens of thousands of Jews, leftists, feminists and anyone else who did/would/might “harm, weaken, threaten or ridicule America’s traditional, White Western culture in words or deeds.” Sadly, it was only a dream).


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    1. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Utterly repellent, pig-faced late night skank, Samantha Bee, once again opens the sewer of her inconsequential “brain”, to let forth, oh-so-edgy, cutting-edge, edginess, that just seethes edgy, so edgy (getting the point here, goyim?) political commentary that is identical to what every other late night limo liberal talking head mediocrity flatulates. She’s meaningless, both as a soulless, cosmopolitan waste of flesh and bone, AND as a “comedienne”, a position with which she fails, having all the charm and wit of an intestinal tumor. A few years she’ll float around on cable TV, then be forgotten utterly, having little more to contribute as an “artiste” than the latest talking points proffered by the DNC.

    2. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Off topic, but still very important:

      The faces of white children in a country that doesn’t want them. They live with NO HOPE, in conditions that are deplorable and inhumane, while the world does NOTHING. This is because they are WHITE, and the world does not care or accept charity or help for Euro-derived children or people. Could they not be resettled to Europe? No. They do not want to cut off our heads or bomb anything, and are no risk, and are WHITE, so therefore, are ineligible. Better bring in another boatload of Syrian (cough*cough) “refugees.”
      If you can donate just a few dollars to help relieve their suffering, please do so.


      South Africa Family Relief Project

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouthAfricanFamilyReliefProject

      Organization website: