14 December, 2016

After the Donald Trump Election Victory, Neocon Leader Kristol Resigns Top Position at Weekly Standard

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Guess things aren’t going so well in neocon land, eh? Seems not. Especially if Trump backs the idea of creating a Palestinian state (something that would win him many, many new supporters) [1]. If that happens, Zionism will be set back 75 years! Oy veh!



[1] if Trump supported the idea of creating a Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state, he would be seen as a true and fair bargainer, peacemaker and dealmaker who can work with all sides of the political spectrum. Besides, the people who love Israel, and hate Palestinians, the most (the neocons, cuckservatives and Bible-thumpers) are the very people who tried so hard to stop Trump from becoming president; Trump owes them nothing

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