24 December, 2016

Why Allow Any Muslims Into America?

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How do Muslims make America better? They don’t. America isn’t a Muslim country:

“The expert interrogator opined that we should “slow down our immigration from these countries that promote terrorism” but why have immigration from muslim nations at all? Zero is the right number, particular since America’s machines are doing more of the work and we don’t need any imported workers at all…”


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  7. 4 Responses to “Why Allow Any Muslims Into America?”

    1. k9base Says:


    2. fd Says:

      Jews, Christians and Muslims are fighting it out in the name of their Semitic god, whoever.

      The Big 3: Judaism, Christianity, Islam have deluded themselves in believing they can conquer the Super 3: Natural Selection – Adaptation – Evolution.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Well said, fd.

    4. Chandala Says:

      Eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth.

      Islam has no redeeming value.

      Don’t stop at zero Muslims in the United States.
      Fourteen hundred years ago there were zero Muslims in the whole world.
      All the fifty three Islamic countries that exist today were conquered by terror and by demography, immigration, the Islamic population bomb. a far more insidious and devastating weapon than even the suicide bomber.

      The world-wide death toll from Islamic conquest since Mohamed is over 250 million, and counting.

      Islam has no right to exist in ANY country, not even so-called Muslim countries, not even those that have already been conquered by Islam, and which rightfully belong to those races that were exterminated and genocided by Islam.