10 January, 2017

Kentucky Battles Labor Unions

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It’s about time. Labor unions raped America two-fold: 1) they bankrupted all of the factories, and 2) they financed dozens of liberal political programs (via union dues money) in most of the American states. Trivia: two Jews built America’s labor union network. Samuel Gompers pioneered the labor part and Sidney Hillman pioneered the political part. Furthermore, many communists were involved in labor unions.


  • 2 Responses to “Kentucky Battles Labor Unions”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Very good topic. Mixed feelings here.

      Jews deliberately thwart/ruin everything they take over. So yes, the Unions are run by lying liars who work hand-in-hand with both business and govt.

      But I think about Harlan Co. Kentucky-the young boy they shot because they were organizing to get cents on the dollar more…so they could have such luxuries as, like, running water.

      So yes, the Unions are corrupt rapers of pocketbooks, but there has to be someone standing up for the American worker-Corporations aren’t going to do that out of the kindness of their sweet, gentle hearts.

      Trump just today was saying that he would penalize anyone taking our jobs overseas-they’re free to do it, but they’re going to pay.

      Neo Cons are nothing like true Conservatives, and the Left are straight up admitting they’d prefer for the State to control everything-a merging of State, Govt, and Church for getting your Oprah ‘spirituality’ on. Globalism.

      Our forefathers were smarter, and we let (((them))) impose changes that have caused all these problems.

      You have to balance freedom with some accountability, in other words. So worker’s rights are important, but the Unions were wrecked long ago.

    2. fd Says:

      A.H. wrote:

      “In the hard struggle for existence which the worker must carry on, thanks to the greed and shortsightedness of many employers, it offers him [the trade union] aid and protection, and thus the possibility of winning better living conditions . . . the shrewder Jew takes the oppressed people under his wing. Gradually he be comes the leader of the trade-union movement, all the more easily as he is not interested in really eliminating social evils in an honest sense, but only in training an economic storm troop, blindly devoted to him, with which to destroy the national economic independence.”