15 February, 2017

Diversity: Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, Idiots Believe In It

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau objects to Donald Trump’s brown immigrant ban. He said that “diversity is our strength.” Is diversity really Canada’s strength? Let’s consider that.

Canada and America were not diverse in 1955. They were mostly White. So, that means that America and Canada were both weak countries in 1955, right? Because they weren’t diverse. Right? Is that true? Of course it’s not. The opposite is true: Canada and America had far fewer social and criminal problems in 1955 than they do today (Canada currently has a serious non-White street gang problem [1]).

“Diversity” is simply a code word for “fewer and fewer White people in the White countries.” “Diversity” celebrates White genocide. Trudeau isn’t bothered by that, I guess.

[1] in a major 2002 Canadian police report, Whites made up only 18% of street gang membership in Canada (that percentage seems high), meaning that the majority of street gang members were non-White

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