8 March, 2017

“A Day Without a Woman”? Sounds Great, Less Complaining

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I hear all the time how “unfair” life is for women. But is it unfair? Women have gotten everything they wanted in the last 100 years: the right to vote, to work outside of the home, to participate in politics, to join the military, police and fire departments, to wear jeans, quick and easy divorce procedures, special laws that protect them from violence, harassment and “discrimination”, cheap, disposable menstrual products, birth control pills, etc. They even have pink guns now, made just for them! But no, that’s not enough, they want more. Like the negro and the fag, they’re never satisfied.


  • One Response to ““A Day Without a Woman”? Sounds Great, Less Complaining”

    1. Joe Lowsac Says:

      It’s no longer just individuals but the political organizations that need to justify their continued existence.