4 March, 2017

On Feminism

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Heard: a famous celebrity talking about “applying feminism” to her life. Why would she want to do that? Feminism isn’t legitimate. Not at all. It’s total bullshit. Yet, most women today are feminists to some degree. Feminism denies reality. In fact, the more extreme type of feminism hates men and says that women don’t even need men. That’s crazy. How could humanity continue without marriage and babies? It couldn’t! Feminism must be completely rejected, because, like communism, bad ideas spread and grow for some reason.

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Because of feminism, men fall into two camps (imo):

      1. Cowardly, unsure of themselves, try to play along with the way things are set up, etc.
      2. Revile women, lol.

      This is a slight exaggeration.

      The reason for feminism taking hold in the firstplace though is the same as the ‘manosphere.’

      When people are not happy with the lot they’re given, they push back. Sometimes in all the worst/wrong ways. It doesn’t take much to create something very destructive out of their wish to see change.

      White Westerners mistreated Women less than any societies on earth, but anytime you deal with someone weaker (physicaly or otherwise) you have people who abuse that power. Women were weaker, and lots of bad things sometimes happened to Women.

      So women who were mistreated were ENCOURAGED BY (((SOMETHING))) to gain some control over their destiny-but really it is a trip into man hate.

      Just like men who see the Courts stacked against them, media blaming masculinity for all the ills of the world, etc.–so they are ENCOURAGED BY (((SOMETHING))) to beez hating all the wimmenz.

      Women didn’t create feminism-but they think if it dies off they will be at the mercy of something bad potentially. Couple that with being told day in and out that White men are bad and they want to enslave da world. Then movies with Denzel Washington coming to save the White woman from the bad White men.

      It’s a several decades in the making change to society that is hard to undo. An over reaction against ‘all things female’ is destructive if it’s not relayed correclty. IMO.

      If the end goal is to see cohesion and more white families, then antagonize the (((liars))) and blame the blameworthy.

    2. fd Says:

      Feminism is a sign of hostility.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: Yes, but it’s not just a ‘sign’ of it, it is a whole philosophy of it.

      I think though it started out-same as knee grows voting-as a ‘we want to protect ourselves and have access to stuff’ thing. But that is followed up with the real agenda, which is ‘men are bad, women are better, kill the patriarchy’, etc. Same as blacks, who wanted much more than to drink from your fountain and vote. They want to kill you.

      Then the male response is MGTOW. Women suck, get rid of them.

      So most important would be to show people how they are manipulated. And who did it.