24 March, 2017

Race and the Recent Killing Sprees in Britain and America (Which Were Committed by Non-Whites)

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Newbies, these are great examples of why Western (White) countries must be treated as Western countries and not as “racial melting pots” [1]. This means doing two things: 1) preventing Blacks and Browns from entering the White countries, and 2) expelling the Blacks and Browns who are already in the White countries. If that seems “unfair,” consider the fact that Blacks and Browns commit the majority of violent crimes in the White countries. Also, Western culture is White culture only. It’s not Black, Brown or Asian culture. It’s the culture of one people.

[Article] and [Article].

[1] Why are only the White countries considered for “melting pot” status? Why are China, Korea and Mexico not considered as candidates for “melting pot” policies and practices? The melting pot idea is nothing but a scam designed to wreck the Western countries

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  7. 3 Responses to “Race and the Recent Killing Sprees in Britain and America (Which Were Committed by Non-Whites)”

    1. Tina Carter Says:

      I dunno… to me this seems like a false flag operation. I mean really first bombing in France, than US, now UK…

      Let’s check how many jews died in this bombing?

      I bet all of them were some were else like during WTC terrorist attack (which they did it too) Jews owner of building, and jews did show up to work…

      Also let’s check how many jewish owner of the shop and cars made money out of this…

      C’mmon… it’s hell of a coincidence…

    2. Richard Thornton Says:

      In news reports of many horrific crimes, the race of the perpetrators is oddly missing, as in the case of the slaying of Jamie Urton in the Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati March 24. No description of the three assailants who dragged him out of his car and shot him repeatedly was ever mentioned in the news media. Looking up the demographics in statisticalatlas.com, the neighborhood is 3/4 BLACK, while the slain driver was obviously not.

      Perhaps the silence is working as intended, as the racist-oriented news sites have evidently not picked up this story of a possible “hate crime” that the media is trying to sweep under the rug?


    3. Chandala Says:

      “This means doing two things: …2) expelling the Blacks and Browns who are already in the White countries. ”

      AMEN !

      Glad to hear a straight forward call for the eventual expulsion of non-whites from white countries.