19 April, 2017


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“One hundred thirty years ago, right after the Civil War, we could have ended this problem peacefully. We could have sent them (Blacks) all back to Africa. But we put it off, and now we’ve lost the opportunity for any peaceful resolution. In fact, we’ve lost the opportunity for a peaceful resolution to a lot of other problems. We let things slide to the point that we no longer can vote our way out. The two-thirds of the population which approves of Bill Clinton and thinks that he shouldn’t be impeached just for lying about a few cigar tricks he did in the White House has got the decent, hardheaded people outnumbered now. The feminists and the queers and the welfare rabble and the non-Whites, together with the part of the White population which will vote for anybody who promises them more ball games on TV, can outvote the rest of us. And that’s exactly what they’ll do, shepherded by the Jewish media bosses. They’ll destroy what’s left of our civilization. They’ll take us straight to hell, because all they care about is hanging onto the perks they’re getting from the system. That’s really all they care about.”


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  7. One Response to “Tribes”

    1. Keer on Says:

      If it weren’t for the jewish media calling Bill Clinton a “centrist” in the mid 90’s, the Democratic Party would be out!