13 May, 2017

Negroes in the World: a Failed Race That Continually Costs Whites Money, Time and Effort

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Q: What have Blacks given the world?
A: Nothing of value. (Contrast that to White achievements).

Think about it: if your race has given the world nothing but crime, incompetence and over-sexed behavior, you belong to a failed race. A race of rejects. Yet, for some reason, Whites spend billons of dollars on these rejects every year (e.g., on welfare, subsidized housing, aid to Africa, etc.) [1]. So worthless is the negro race that “the great emancipation president” Abe Lincoln wanted to ship the Black slaves out of America, but somehow that didn’t happen, so his Choice #2 was to illegally free them [2].


[1] a true story: a Western aid organization bought a water pump for some negro tribe in remote Africa, in order for the tribe to transfer water from Point A to Point B. A short time later, someone stole the pump (no doubt it was sold on the “black market”). How pathetic is that? They even steal life-sustaining equipment from each other! Furthermore, water wells are often dug for the African negroes by Western aid organizations, but the wells quickly fall into disrepair and become contaminated, since the negroes have no concept of how to maintain water supplies, even when taught how. Billions of dollars have been spent by Whites to try to improve negro life in Africa, with hardly any good results

[2] Lincoln had no legal authority to free slaves in the Southern (i.e., Confederate States of America) states

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    1. fd Says:

      Far East IQ scores on the map are misleading. Mean ol’ southerners had to build their offshore oilfields because they couldn’t do it. The vendors would send us inferior products that we couldn’t use. If you go to the Far East, you will see that their civilization doesn’t match their IQ. Cut off from White technology, Asians would fall back into their slumber. Having said that, the people of the Far East are a hard working, smart, industrious people.

    2. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      The top nations in IQ have something in common….high seafood diets.

      This must account for something in IQ allowing the brain to get maximum access to fatty-acids. And those lox-loving Jews get theirs, as well. Lox are salmon. Lox may have been a luxury food and the Jews had money to feast.

      If an honest test of North Koreans could be attained, there would be a clear determination of how many points a high-seafood high-fish oil early in life diet give you.

      Land-locked Mongolia has an IQ of 101 and Hong Kong has 108. That’s 7 points.

      Nepal is 78. That’s 30 points.

      Maybe that Jewish IQ evaporates without fatty-fish.

    3. fd Says:

      The Japanese victory of the Russo-Japanese War was achieved by their superior naval fleet that was built with White British technology.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      ABRAHAM LINCOLN . . . had a falling out with his wife, Mary Todd.

      He grabbed a bottle of Scotland’s finest, and started on a walk-about.

      He ended up in the wilds of the Illinois woods, with a half-full bottle and facing down some escaped slaves.

      Unthinkingly, he handed them his bottle. They each drank. Then they initiated him into the inner teachings of . . . Santeria.

      Much that Lincoln later did came from this encounter.

      But it is to be noted that Lincoln, who was sceptical of his wife’s White House seances, became more sympathetic to them after this encounter.

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Antagonistes-Santeria voodoo shizzity in the woods in Illinois?

      Actually I’m not surprised.

      Re the story: stealing the water pump reminds me of ‘Up from Slavery’, where we find out that the only people helping Booker T Washington were all white.
      Blacks were too busy blinging out their carriages and stealing from each other. Blingy carriage and no freaking food in the house.

      Like now.

      Re IQs: highest ever still belongs to white man, William Sidis-believed to be between 250 and 300.
      Of the top 10 IQs in the world, there are two White women, three Asians, and one Jew. Other four are White men including Sidis.

      So, six White people, one Jew and three Asians.

      With re to Asians-intelligence can’t make people creative or biologically diverse. Asians for the most part expand on the creations of Whites-with re to technology especially. They did invent gunpowder and rockets-but something to note–Asians—as far as the Japanese and Chinese are concerned—have Caucasoid DNA.

      Intelligence doesn’t have anything to do/w ethics either, so an Einstein (who borrows from Germans for ‘his’ theory of relativity and takes full credit for figuring out the whole thing–rather than working off the previous discovery of Germans who didn’t figure out the tweak that makes it work)–is something apart from intelligence.

      I’m rather shocked by how many Nations with Whites are between 90 and 100. I’m even a little surprised by how low the Apefricans are, lol. I mean–below or equal to 65 is toddler stupid. Geezus.
      But the structure of it looks accurate to me–Whites and Asians are top tier, Mestizos and Indigenous beaners are second, and last and least, Knickers. Prob pretty spot on.

    6. wolf Says:

      I’d just like to add. Einstein was a creepy moron who couldn’t even comb his hair. All his theories have now been disproved but the Jewish media keep regurgitating the manufactured myth. Jews have invented nothing.

    7. archer Says:

      Olinto De Preto actually published something very similar to Einstein’s theory about 11/2 yrs. earlier.

    8. Sergey Says:


    9. Sergey Says:

      also, I am surprised of white americans: why, when the niggers push you, you move? it looks like, if the cockroaches appears in your house, you leave the house for them. why you don’t stand up, and eliminate them? why u leave everything (that you build, not them) to them, and go to look for better places?
      stand up, whites, I will join you!!!

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Jews always like to tout their supposedly high IQ, which is based on ONE study, which was probably rigged, anyway.

      The Jews are natural magicians, using sleights, misdirection, illusions, and drama.

      We could, and should, learn from them .

    11. fd Says:

      The Jew is juggler.

      Jonas Salk’s Polio Vaccine has been denounced as a hoax. Margaret Mead’s work has also been discredited. The list is too long to mention in a single letter.

    12. Emily Henderson Says:

      There are some incorrect things being asserted here.

      Julius Younger had his work stolen by Jonas Salk–but the Polio vaccine is no hoax. A tainted batch gave some people Polio, and Albert Sabin’s Polio vaccine became the preferred one because it uses the attenuated virus approach-even though this one gave about 12 people a year Polio.

      There is no ‘magic’ to give one a higher IQ either-most Ahskenazi Jews are mixed with German or Eastern Eurpoean DNA, though, including Albert Einstein.

      “Eistein’s” theory of relativity has most certainly not ‘been disproven’–but it was a theory he developed off the work of several other Whites.

      A White boy named Jacob Barnett has discovered something that expands upon the theory of relativity and has yet to be debunked. His IQ is higher than Einstein’s and he developed the theory at age 14. He also happens to be autistic, and his parents were told he’d never tie his shoelaces.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Ah, but there is indeed magic to record a higher IQ for oneself!

      I, myself, took advantage of it to get into psychology grad school.

      It is simply this: Find out what tests are accepted, go to the library and find back-copies of these tests, and study them. Study them until you get into the groove. Then study them again.

      I blew the top of the Miller Analogies Test using this method.

    14. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Antagonistes-ah, I see what you meant by ‘magic’ now, lol.

      Mine went ‘up’ after taking it previously, but I think that is because you have an idea of what to expect.

      There was a three year old White girl who was admitted into MENSA-she is trilingual and corrects her parents’ French. Remembers a new language nearly instantly. Her parents are freaked out about where in the world to send her to school-they feel they are too dumb to homeschool her, haha.

    15. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Sergey: because of our legal system. They have special ‘laws’ and ‘codes’ in every State and City that give people who are not even citizens special, protected class. The Fed Govt also has programs in place to see to it that no ‘all White’ places exist in the U.S.-They purposefully pick White areas to unload their ‘Somalians’. The churches help to give Mestizos all the help they need setting up their new life in White towns also.

      No red carpet is rolled out for White immigrants-no special privileges, no big interest.

      It’s good business for real estate as well. Whites always moving and needing a new ‘subdivision’.

      Which is why Whites don’t fight back–they are Xtians often times and think it’s right to help those who are ‘less than’ and that god will fix them.
      And Whites also benefit financially off of things like slave labor and people having to move and buy/build new homes.

      When there is nowhere left to go, they’ll join you, lol.

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      That three-yr-old White girl sounds like a case for reincarnation to me.

      Also a case for a reincarnational hierarchy, with Whites at the top, as the ancient wisdom has always said.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      Anything the N&¿¿ers run is run down . South Afrika is going from First
      World to Turd World in short order. With White dispossession of Farms and
      Homes and White Genocide and rapes too. No word about that from the Communist
      Jew Press here though.