25 May, 2017

Today’s Man: Whatever You Say, Honey!

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Men used to run the whole household. But now, they have just one room in the house to call their own (a “man cave”). Wifey makes all the household decisions while at the same time cleverly making those decisions look like mutual agreements:

Wifey: “You want new carpet and new drapes, too, don’t you, honey? Well, don’t you? Hmmmmm? Hooooneeeeey??”

Husband: “Well, I, I, I, I don’t know…uhhm…well…I guess so…uhhh…okay, here’s my credit card…by the way, can I play golf with Roger on Saturday?”

Wifey: “Well…why don’t we just wait and see?…you haven’t mowed the lawn or trimmed the hedges yet…”

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  7. 13 Responses to “Today’s Man: Whatever You Say, Honey!”

    1. fd Says:

      The ‘man cave’ is feminine. The man retreats — surrendering his domain.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The problem is Feminism. The married couples i know are just like the funny
      Sign and dialog. Nothing But NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT THE WIFES
      APPROVAL! !
      If not its Balls in the vice major problems. Old skool Man pigs like me are
      Unwanted as not pliable and Beta male Yes Dear types.
      The world is upside down for sure. Sad .
      Hard to breed Warriors for The Cause when the Women want beta males of their own Race

      And media idolized alpha males from the Lower Races.
      Sadder still

    3. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.

      Copycat – Copycat. Federal Jealousy

      Confederate Memorial Day smothered by Federal Memorial Day. Sectional identity is forbidden. Confederate Memorial Day originated on the local level — blood based.

      Mount Rushmore is a copycat of the hated Stone Mountain.

      The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is international, is surely inspired by the words of Gen. Brag. He wrote in 1863: “The first monument our Confederacy raises . . . should be a lofty shaft, pure and spotless, bearing the inscription: ‘To the unknown and unrecorded dead.”

      Oldspeak: Denver, Colorado / Jackson Mississippi. Newspeak: Denver, Colorado USA / Jackson, Mississippi USA. State and local identity is forbidden.

    4. Luke Says:


      Out of curiosity, I did a web search on our former FBI informant Hal Turner and found that he has a new website. Sometime around last October 2016, not October 2017 as Hal incorrectly states, Turner made an attempt to bring his old radio show back online.

      I listened (or tried to listen) to 3 or 4 of his new shows and all Hal wanted to talk about, over and over and over, ad nausem was his prison history and court case and legal misfortunes and how the FBI used him and then stabbed him in the back when they decided that his cover was blown and he was no longer useful to them. Initially, I figured he would get that story off his chest and then start talking about politics and current events and return to his former politically incorrect and fairly entertaining self.

      I was wrong. Every show I downloaded and tried to listen to – Hal would keep re-telling his tired old story and he kept harping on every bit of minutia that he could think of that was related to his legal troubles and to his associations with the FBI. Boring beyond belief!

      So, apparently the radio station he was on and the website that linked to his new radio show went ten toes up, leaving Hal with unpaid bills which he is is now looking for a way to pay off. According to what he says on his new website, he is going to try to bring back his radio show around July 5th.

      I know there were a lot of pro-whites who liked Hal Turner – before he was exposed as being an FBI informant, and I suppose I could include myself in that group – although, based on the almost unbelievably reckless and irresponsible rhetoric that Turner used to spew and, seemingly, with total impunity – I had many suspicions about him before he finally got exposed.

      Also, his over the top begging for money and how he would constantly ‘volunteer’ himself to attend some pro-White rally – which would incur even more expenses and then, he’d turn around and berate his audience for not sending him any shekels to pay for those expenses – he just got so obnoxious with his endless ‘send me your money’ demands that he became a huge turnoff to listen to.

      Anyway, the Hal Turner story is a sad one. This is a guy who does have a tremendous amount of radio talent, despite the fact that he will probably never fully regain the trust of the White Nationalist movement. I wish there was some way to cleanse his record and find a place in the pro-White movement’s alt-right media for the guy – but in the long range view, if traitors within our movement can simply utter a few mea culpas and then get invited right back in – where is the incentive to not be a backstabbing rat the firs time some FBI goon waves a wad of cash under your nose?

    5. Robert Ferrara Says:

      I view Turner as I do Frazier Glenn Miller, and any other cunt, who once they sell out to the kikes, should never be allowed back in to our circle.

    6. Luke Says:

      I tend to agree with Robert Ferrrara’s point.

      Which brings to mind the case of Mike Enoch, who rose to some degree of celebrity status and notoriety through his involvement with The Right Stuff website, the Daily Shoah radio podcasts and other associated enterprises.

      Enoch, for anyone who does not remember – was exposed as being married to a woman who was not only jewish, but a jewess who turned out to be a typically hardcore liberal and pretty openly anti-White. Enoch attempted to keep this detail of his personal life a secret, while at the same time using his radio show to pretend that he was critical of jews and their clearly anti-White agendas. He was also soliciting donations from his listening audience – which consisted almost exclusively of jew wise, pro-White, White Nationalists and White race realists who were part of the alt-right community.

      I don’t know if the Enoch situation can accurately be categorized as a ‘sell out to the jews’, but it certainly does raise the question of Enoch’s integrity and apparent willingness to deceive his audience while hustling them to donate to his website and radio show. Being conned by a guy who professes to be pro-White but who sleeps next to our #1 enemy and who tries to conceal that detail of his personal life is certainly grounds for being held in contempt. After all, the White Nationalist movement has a long history of being infiltrated by jews and/or by White sell-outs who agree to be the front men for the jews – and this has been a big reason why pro-White organizations and movements have had so much trouble gaining significant traction over the last 50 or more years.

      I was listening to the most recent podcast by Azzmador, who hosts the Krypto Report – and Azzmador was shoveling shit on anyone in the White race realist community who still insists that Mike Enoch cannot be trusted.

      Azzmador wants everyone to forgive and forget – when the enemy we are fighting takes the opposite view; they never forgive and never forget. And, they are winning, while our team is either losing outright or struggling to keep our noses above water. Might I point out that one of the biggest reasons why the White Team keeps losing is because of guys like Azzmador who encourage Whites to violate the #1 Alex Linder rule.

      What is that rule? No Jews Just Right.

    7. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Spot on Luke. Enemy number one is and always has been the Jew.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Must agree with above commentary
      People like Turner Asshole
      And this Enoch Clown should be Persona Non Grata
      Not worthy of our time or consideration except that their
      Treason should be noted in a file somewhere for peeps to
      Remember who they are to wa rn others about .
      And for future “resolution ” of their case should the chance arise.

      On the subject of. Married.
      Open to ideas of How We Win our Women back to Our Side

      As we fight 40 years of feminist brainwashing by Hollywood
      and the entire educational establishment.
      Man hating or outright rejection by turning lesbian seems to be
      The order of the day.

    9. Luke Says:

      I am sad to report that the subversion of the Alt-Right / Pro-White / White Nationalist movement is getting even worse.

      I’ve been a big fan of the Red Ice Broadcasting Network for the last 2 years or so, and I have particularly liked the Radio 314 shows that Lana Lokteff has been doing. But, my affection for Lana Lokteff’s R314 podcasts hit an abrupt brick wall after I listened to this show:


      The Surrendered Wife: Stop Nagging & Controlling, Be Feminine

      The show title of this show caught my eye, so I downloaded it and decided to give it a listen today. My analysis is this:

      1. Both Lana and her guest Laura Doyle devoted considerable time to making excuses for so-called newly red pilled women who have, in their words, made ‘mistakes’ in the past, but who now claim to have seen the light and want to join the alt-right, pro-White movement.

      2. My translation of this chick bullshit: Lana and Laura were referring to White women who have burned coal and who have allowed savage negro beasts to blast negro sperm up inside their vaginas,down their throats, and probably up their anuses and who have also very likely invited their negro pals to fornicate with, and further defile, their coal burning white sluts. Lana and Laura criticized White men in the pro-White, Alt-Right movement and in the MGTOW community who wisely refuse to have anything to do with these coal burning sluts and who deem the desecrated beavers of these race traitorous whores unfit for the insertion of a White man’s pecker.

      3. Both Lana and Laura seemed to be promoting the idea that White men should ‘excuse’ and ‘forgive’ and give these coal burning White sluts a pass and include them in the White male definition of ‘ marriage material’. I would have to assume, since neither Lana or Laura mentioned this aspect, that these same White men should also be willing to financially support any mulatto chimps who these coal burners might have popped out as a result of them allowing negro jism to be blasted up their vaginas back before they were ‘red pilled’.

      4. Over all, having listened the entire podcast – the main impression that I was left with is that these two White chicks are (a) extremely narcissistic and in love with the reflection they both see when they look in the mirror, and (b) As a result of their narcissism, they have convinced themselves that, because White chicks own and control 100 percent of the only beavers that can produce White babies, that any misbehavior, any race mixing, or negro pole riding experimentation or any other sort of racially disloyal, liberal, anti-White, SJW bullshit behavior that they might have engaged in the past – none of these things should NEVER be held against them and White men who condemn and ostracize these kinds of sluts are limp wristed, effeminate Wimps who are (incredibly) disloyal to their own race because they have (according to Lana and Laura) unrealistic expectations.

      Alex Linder had a recent post where he pointed out that White women of today believe that they should NEVER be held accountable for the bad decisions that they make in their lives. They always promote the idea that someone else, i.e. the government and the tax payers, should be required by law to finance and ‘fix’ their mistakes. This usually means that White men should be ass raped out of their hard earned money to subsidize bastard children that were produced from the seed of some irresponsible guy’s dick who, in a fit of irresponsible and promiscuous behavior, some white chick decided to ride to a creamy completion.

      This radio show by Red Ice and Lana Lokteff has seriously damaged my former very positive opinion of Red Ice and Lana and has made me question their sincerity to the survival of White Western European culture and civilization.

    10. fd Says:

      It sounds like Lana and Laura are bitter — a malignant rage they cannot recover from. White female race mixers are out. There is no rehabilitation program in nature. That Lana and Laura promote the idea of ‘excuse and forgive’ is a sign of weakness on their part. They’re not as tough as their conversation.

    11. Luke Says:

      I don’t necessarily believe that they are bitter, but my interpretation of what motivated them to push the “excuse and forgive” notion is that they both realize just how flawed so many millions of White women are, as a direct consequence of how easily women tend to swallow the jewish anti-White brainwashing propaganda.

      It should be obvious at this stage of our racial struggle that jews understood that White women are the weakest link in the White racial survival chain and are the most impressionable and easiest to target with their anti-White brainwashing – which is why the jews made them their primary target.

      Which means that Lana and Laura – who I still believe are sincere in their desire to preserve the White race – are tacitly admitting that a significant percentage of White females are seriously poisoned by the jew propaganda, perhaps even a majority of White women. Thus, I suspect that they are asking White men to tolerate the intolerable and give these dysfunctional women a pass for the sake of saving White European man kind.

      However, from the perspective of a racially healthy White male – there is no redemption possible for any White female who’s spread her legs for a black guy. Once a white chick goes black, there is no coming back. Hang a sign on her belt that says: “beaver is condemned’.

    12. fd Says:

      Nevertheless, Lana and Laura should know that to ‘excuse and forgive’ is unstable in everyday society. People change their mind. A lot of White girls marry Mexicans. After the divorce, they promptly change back to their Anglo name to mask their race mixing days that will surely haunt them. History records their choice, and they cannot escape it.

    13. Aryan_Pride Says:

      Luke- Your quote: “It should be obvious at this stage of our racial struggle that jews understood that White women are the weakest link in the White racial survival chain and are the most impressionable and easiest to target with their anti-White brainwashing – which is why the jews made them their primary target.” I can’t believe that I’ve never really considered this specific angle; another layer of the red-pill-onion has just been removed. This would make a great subject for a full article . . .

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