9 July, 2017

Whites, Not Jews, Are the Real Chosen People, Part 2

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  • 4 Responses to “Whites, Not Jews, Are the Real Chosen People, Part 2”

    1. Wulf Says:

      The Jews have benefitted so much every time we threw off their unserious yoke! Take the Revolutionary war that ousted the English (Jewish) bankers. That allowed America to prosper and created a golden age of invention and innovation. A golden harvest that we are still reaping. Computers, the internet, air trave… If the Jews had their way America would have been a Jewish slum like london was in the 1800s. If the Jews were in total control we still would have the horse and cart, living day to day paying Jewish slum lords and businessmen. It boggles the mind, we just need to change our focus. Kiyosaki admits that he’s not smart, does not want to work too hard but he hates people telling him what to do. So he even admits you don’t have to be smart to succeed in business. We just need to change our focus and take our power back. Kick ass out there guys.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Nigger Please! !
      We White Folks just be Superior an Shheeeet.

      Saw a comment somewhere it said
      What’s the difference between Whites and Blacks?

      Answer: You give Whites a pile of Bricks and in time they’ll
      Turn them into a City.
      Give the Nigs a City and in time they’ll turn it into bricks.

    3. kerdasi amaq Says:

      It’s the people who plant the notion that minorities are victimised who are the real enemy.

    4. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Whenever I see a Negro, Mexican or other non-white strutting around with his or her smartphone acting as if their whole existence is tied into it, shows me the essential meaninglessness of their lives. Their whole being is tied to possessing a device that they have no understanding of how it works and have no desire to know where it came from. They possess it and that’s all that matters. Like the dung beetle appropriating a piece of dung that’s lying around. He takes possession of it and lays his eggs in it. The ultimate of opportunistic behavior!