23 August, 2017

A Citizen’s Guide to the Alt-Right/White Nationalist Movement

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Q: Why does the Alt-Right/White Nationalist movement exist? [1].

A: It exists because, as judge Robert Bork said, American culture must remain Eurocentric. Our White European culture must be preserved. American culture is White European, or Western, culture.

Q: Why is it important to preserve Western culture?

A: Western culture is, according to many different measurements, the greatest culture in history [2][3]. Western culture, which began in ancient Greece, gave the world democracy, for example, and the universities, and science, and electricity, the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane and the telephone, and the concept of free speech, which dates officially (governmentally) from 1789. The U.S.A. was founded by White men, and so were Canada, England, France, Germany, etc. That’s all Western culture, and Western culture is under constant attack today – which is hard to fathom, because White societies are safe, stable, free societies, while Black and Brown societies are much less safe, stable or free. Are people trying to move to Zimbabwe or Pakistan or Nicaragua? No, they’re trying to move to America or England or Germany (i.e., White countries)! There’s a reason for that.

Q: Are people in the Alt-Right movement racists or haters?

A: No. There’s nothing hateful or racist about preserving your heritage and culture. Strangely, when Blacks or Mexicans try to preserve their heritage, it isn’t called “hate.” Why are only White people called racists or haters?

Q: Is the Alt-Right violent?

A: The Alt-Right isn’t violent. In fact, at every Alt-Right rally, it is the left-wing “antifas” who start the violence (the same goes for Klan and neo-Nazi rallies). Amusingly, the antifas make the claim that White free speech is, by itself, “violence.” As if free speech itself can be violent, without any action. How ironic: White people gave the antifas free speech! Also ironically, when antifas attack White people, they are committing hate crimes — the very crimes that they always accuse White people of committing.

Q: Does the Alt-Right want to oppress Blacks and other minorities?

A: No, it doesn’t want to oppress anyone. Blacks and others can do their own “thing”; such “things” aren’t a problem as long as those “things” aren’t harmful to American culture (one could make the argument that parts of Black culture are harmful to American culture, e.g., “rap culture”).

Q: What does the Alt-Right wish to accomplish?

A: It wants to preserve Western culture as much as possible under the present circumstances, those circumstance being massive non-White immigration, rampant multiculturalism, overwhelming media bias against normal White people, etc.

[1] “Alt-Right” and “White Nationalist” are used interchangeably here for simplicity’s sake, although some Alt-Righters are not White Nationalists

[2] those measurements include: low levels of crime and corruption (compared to non-White countries), economic stability, political stability, safe food, water and generally excellent public safety, reliable transportation systems, competent law enforcement, etc.

[3] see the October 2001 article “Lost in the Swamp of Modernity” by Peter Watson, in the New Statesman magazine, which mentions 20th-century White/Western achievements

  • 5 Responses to “A Citizen’s Guide to the Alt-Right/White Nationalist Movement”

    1. WhiteWinger Says:

      I love being slandered as a Nazi by Trump haters, that everyone that supports him,is the same as the Whites that had the unmitigated gall to stand up to BLM and Antifa thugs.

      I’m NOT a Nazi, but if push comes to shove, I’d rather be a Nazi….than an ASHKENazi.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Thats an exellent !

      And i mean Mr. Burns Style “Eegggseellent!”

      Summary of What WE Are About !!

      14 Words!

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      The Communist Liberal Dipshits are too damn stupid
      to realize that they push “moderate” Whites into Our Camp

      When they call any and everyone who oppose them for any reason
      A NAZI!

      Like its a Bad Word or something.!
      They push harder we get stronger.

    4. Luke Says:

      I am thoroughly enjoying Alex Linder’s new Lindercast podcasts, and the 002 edition was particularly outstanding.

      However, in 003, he mentions Jason Kessler and it becomes quickly apparent that he is unaware of Kesslers background. Kessler was mole, and he was part of the left’s team that set up the trap in Charlottesville and then lured the pro-White, Alt-Right, Southern heritage people into it.

      Here are a few background details on Jason Kessler:


      “The promoters of the event are also under scrutiny for being involved with this attempt to discredit and associate the white nationalist movement with so called hate groups and white supremacists. Media promoter and organizer Jason Kessler, presents as a well meaning, white concerned, American patriot, but his background connects him with paid positions at CNN, involvement in the Occupy Wall street movement, and an Obama supporter. Kessler’s blog site where he actively, and rightfully, campaigned against racist school member and current assistant mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, began only in late 2016. It’s possible Kessler, working for the same goals mentioned above, was also honey-pot deception, bringing the players together for this staged engagement.”

      The most embarrassing aspect to what happened in Charlottesville is that, had any of our Alt-Right or Southern heritage people bothered to spend a hour or two online, digging into the background of Kessler – this guy’s history would have been easily turned up and he could have been exposed as a enemy agent provocateur.

      I do NOT believe for a split second that someone who has the background of Jason Kessler is capable of doing a 180 degree radical flip flop on his ideology almost overnight and suddenly become a pro-White advocate or a pro-Southern heritage defender.,

    5. fd Says:

      I believe these demonstrations are largely stage managed on both sides. With every artifice employed…

      The race wars in the 1960s South were about maintaining absolute White separation.