2 August, 2017

Bat Guano and “Hate Speech”

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“They (Jews) understand that they’re not home free yet. There may not be many other people who speak out openly about the Jews the way I do, but there are a great many White Americans who nevertheless can see what is happening to America and who don’t like it. Not every American is a brainless couch potato, who cares only about ball games on TV and his “entitlement” check. There are many Americans who have both brains and a sense of personal responsibility, even a sense of patriotism, although they haven’t found the courage yet to speak out. If anything happened to really upset this “silent majority” — well, anyway, this fairly large silent minority — if anything happened to take away their comfort or their sense of security, they could really become a problem for the Jews to worry about. Some of them might begin speaking out themselves — especially if I am still speaking out to set an example for the others. Things could snowball. The Jews could lose it all, the way they did in Germany in 1933, after they had gotten what they thought was a pretty good grip on that country.”


  • 2 Responses to “Bat Guano and “Hate Speech””

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      So true, the discomfort level has to be uber high for most to care enough to risk anything.

      But true on Jews not being ‘home free’ also. We’re still here and not just yet a minority in our own country (referring to USA). Brainwashing doesn’t always stick. Nature can overcome even the most extreme efforts to alter the way people think and behave.

      Further true that Jews were more assimilated into German society than they had been anywhere prior–but awareness, and making it acceptable to speak about said awareness, caused a really rapid undoing of that assimilation.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:

      Another great article.

      If only Dr. Pierce were alive to see Whites waking up everywhere today.

      The Goyim know.