2 August, 2017

Don’t Take History Lessons From People in “The Arts”

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“This sense of (masculine/manly) failure runs very deep — maybe it has to do with…the guilt of having gotten this country by wiping out a native race of people” — actor/playwright Sam Shepard.

Whoa, there, Kemoswabee! Mr. Shepard, I gotta ask: who was your history teacher? Mr. Goldberg? Mr. Weinberg? Newbies, in America, Indian tribes were attacked by other Indian tribes more often than they were attacked by Whites. Furthermore, most Indian tribes wandered – in other words, they had no permanent homes in permanent locations [1][2].


[1] The United States of America was founded as a White, Western country by White men, who largely didn’t steal it from the Indians. Due to the rather small number of Indians per square mile in America circa 1600, most land wasn’t “Indian land,” and also, most of the Indian tribes in America were somewhat nomadic, i.e., they wandered from summer to winter camps and followed the buffalo and therefore didn’t “own” land per se. (Admittedly, a few Indian tribes weren’t nomadic, e.g., the southwestern Anasazi Indians).

[2] More about Indians Here and Here and Here

  • 3 Responses to “Don’t Take History Lessons From People in “The Arts””

    1. Robert Ferrara Says:

      I wonder if this typical, left-wing, artsy- fartsy cunt would say this about the “Tribe” who did kill and steal land from the Palestinians because their G-d told them Too.

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      Solutreans. Whites were here long ago, and the cave paintings of blue-eyed blondes were done by Whites.

      It’s why some of the ‘natives’ thought the people who had arrived were gods who had returned, as they’d seen in the paintings.

      Sam Shepard did so many ‘civil rights era’ acting jobs that painted knee grows as angels and Whites as demons I lost count.
      No shows, films, or plays about Whites being slaughtered in every major city in the US set in present day, though.

    3. fd Says:

      After the 4 years war, the leviathan, universal northern army unleashed a campaign to displace and exterminate the plains Indians. Federal generals and other officers that participated in the Indian wars have streets and buildings that bear their name. Statues too. Are their statues being torn down? Have their names on streets and buildings been renamed? No. So why are the names of Southern heroes removed from streets and buildings? Why are their statues torn down? Hypocrisy at its highest level. An act racism in America depends on what Section of the country the event took place.