23 August, 2017

The Bigger War

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“I’ve explained this before, and I’ll explain it again: the outcome of this war to take Kosovo away from Serbia is important because it is a new kind of war, which will help to establish a new principle if it is successful. That new principle is that the New World Order, as embodied in NATO or the United Nations or whatever other supranational body the board of directors of the New World Order chooses, can tell any country in the world how to govern itself and then destroy anyone who doesn’t obey. It will mean an end to national sovereignty. it will mean an end to national independence. It will mean an end to freedom.

Now, I know that there are a lot of liberal nitwits out there who think that will be just wonderful. Sovereignty and independence are bad words to liberals. They believe that interdependence is much better than independence. They believe that everything will be much nicer when there are no more sovereign nations and the whole world is ruled by a committee: no more rich and powerful nations, no more poor and weak nations, everyone equal.”


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