5 September, 2017

An Anti-Fascist Statement

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(Above: Pinochet, seated in front, just after the Sept. 1973 Chilean coup).

(I’m sort of tempted to sign that anti-fascist statement in order to make a point: I’m not a fascist per se, and Alex has said the exact same thing, and most of the people in the White nationalist movement are also not fascists per se; although I do understand that, to save the sinking ship called America, there will likely come a point in time when fascist measures must be implemented for a few years, just like Augusto Pinochet did in Chile circa 1973/1974. To think that America can vote itself back to being a healthy republic is to be an idiot).

Give this libertarian credit for not signing that anti-fascist statement; however, it’s sad to see that a lot of people don’t understand the real nature of libertarianism: it’s a Jewish movement posing as a freedom movement. Libertarianism has no power in the West, and that was the whole idea from the beginning: to make White people think individually, not collectively.


  • 7 Responses to “An Anti-Fascist Statement”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      That’s a Mighty Fine picture of Commie
      Ass -kicker and Notorious Boot-Driver
      My Main Man in the Chile Pot—
      Augusto Pinochet!!
      Seig Friggin’ Hiel !!

      Just looks like he’s ready to start
      The Purge!

    2. J├╝rgen Says:

      BIG time, Red Skull…I so hear you!

      Yes, America will literally need White P-O-W-E-R,
      in the true muscle sense of the word.

    3. fd Says:

      Nice Picture! It excites the mind! I don’t think the country can be saved until the leviathan government on the Potomac is defunct.

    4. Zerstorer Says:

      Sadly, the only way out is some sort revolution for white nationalism while we still have the numbers. Politics and democracy were finished in the west long ago. I know the corporate International Jew is already pushing for their Marxist agenda, the so called NWO. It will be a battle for political/religious ideologies with race being the prime motivator.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      While all the comments here are good some deserve
      Special Attention . I call Yalls eyeballs to the mighty
      Fine and Truthful comment above by Mr. Z.
      Dear Destroyer
      I could write all damn day and curse and yell
      And rub my Shiny Red Bald Skull furiously
      And not come up withabetter 3 sentence

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      Simple Summary of the part of Shit Creek that WE
      As a People are paddling into.

      Class ; Newbies and Salty Veterans Ahoy
      Write down Mr. Zs comment and keep it with
      You . As a Reminder of the Reality We Face.


      Yes im yelling it!

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      Yknow what the El Hefe Malo is thinking. ?
      In this picture. ?
      He’s thinking right after this damn publicity picture hes gonna
      Go supervise the Execution of 50-100 of their Antifa and after
      They’ve been cleaned up and their guts fed to the pigs and their heads
      Line the garden on posts like tiki torches
      He wants to throw some refried beans on the grill and burritos and tamales
      And crack open a case of Modelos cause itd be Modelo Time and then reassure
      The old lady that everythings cool as he bangs the hell out of her and says that
      Their getting a nice Casa Villa over looking the lake.

      Just my idea
      Im pretty close i bet.