30 September, 2017

Puerto Rico: As Usual, a Brown Country Needs Help From White Countries (It’s Never Vice-Versa)

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President Donald Trump, flying over Puerto Rico, assessing the recent hurricane damage:

Trump: “Okay, where’s the damage?”

Trump aide: “Sir?”

Trump: “Well, I was here 6 months ago and this city looked…just like that! In fact, it looks cleaner than before — hurricanes obviously have excellent scrubbing capabilities.”


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  7. One Response to “Puerto Rico: As Usual, a Brown Country Needs Help From White Countries (It’s Never Vice-Versa)”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      The Democants are LYING about whats going on down there.

      Cut them loose with an “hasta la vista” baby!
      Their 3rd world island was 32 BILLION IN DEBT
      BEFORE. The Hurricanes hit them . Puerto Rico
      Is an endless Hole sucking money out of White
      America like Welfare and money spent on behalf
      Of Niggers. Its a complete waste of money Time
      And resources on Sub humans who dont appreciate
      The effort put out for them.