8 October, 2017

A “New” White Nation Within America: Thinking About the Future of White People, or, PLE Revisited

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Have you thought about what White people will do when they become a minority in America (circa 2040)? Most people haven’t. But some people have.

White people in America are becoming 3rd-class citizens, strangers in their own land. They can no longer count on government officials or government entities to protect their rights and their freedom – in fact, it’s just the opposite: governmental policies work against White people (e.g., Affirmative Action, chain-immigration laws).

Whites must learn to think outside of “the box” that they have been in for decades. Whites must begin to think tribally and racially.

Whites must learn to favor other Whites, and they must also learn to disfavor non-Whites. The Jews are a nation within America; so are the Mexicans; and so must Whites become a separate nation within America, i.e., working and acting as one unit (few Whites work together as a race today, except Klansmen and neo-Nazis).

A giant network of Whites, stretching from coast to coast, must at some point be created, a vast framework (like a big spider web) with one goal: to help and preserve the White race [1]. To function properly, the network should be secretive by nature, in order to avoid outside interference that could hinder or sabotage it. Such a network could be organized into districts (District 1, District 2, etc.). Each district could feature experts in a variety of vocational fields (medical, construction/building, home repairs, agriculture, transportation, education, family planning, etc.). These experts could be available to help other White people who need help with various things; bartering should also become commonplace within the network as an alternative to money.

The time to think about creating a new, separate, White-nation-within-America is now. Many good ideas and many capable people will be needed.

[1] granted, this idea is not exactly new: Pioneer Little Europe comes to mind. However, PLE seems to be based more on creating White communities in certain locations or regions than this idea is; this idea is not location-based per se, but is instead America-based. Pioneer Little Europe efforts have so far failed, due to a lack of enough people being involved; however, as time marches onward, more and more Whites will embrace the idea of nationalism; the old saying, “timing is everything” is true: what was impossible 20 years ago will be very possible soon

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    1. Jürgen Says:

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    2. Jürgen Says:

      SHUN everything that is non-White

    3. ren Says:

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    4. Luke Says:

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      White cuck race traitors. Such Whites make my skin crawl.

    5. Jürgen Says:

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    6. The Red Skull Says:

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    7. The Red Skull Says:

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    8. fd Says:

      In the 2d half of the 1970s. manufacturing facilities in upstate New York and Michigan went down causing high unemployment. Out of nowhere, a White workers network burst on the scene. A literal phenomenon. By telephone, grapevine, written word, pipeline, whatever, those boys headed to South Louisiana and the Texas coast to get high paying jobs related to the oil industry. There was a surplus of work. Southern boys and Yankees worked side by side raking in the cash. Oil companies put pressure on contractors to pay the going rate. Everybody was happy! The jobs were a minimum of 90% White.