1 October, 2017

Negroes: Humanity’s Mosquitoes

Posted by Socrates in Africa, black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, black crime, black culture, Blacks as worthless, Socrates, White identity, white nationalism, White philosophy, White thought at 12:26 pm | Permanent Link

(Above: negroes and violence: they go together like peanut butter and jelly)

Like mosquitoes, negroes exist for no good reason other than to annoy humans and other mammals. (Yes, mosquitoes are part of the food chain, but that, by itself, doesn’t make them valuable, because millions of animals are part of the food chain. Mosquitoes spread many diseases, a feature which cancels out any good “food chain” qualities that they might have).

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  7. 2 Responses to “Negroes: Humanity’s Mosquitoes”

    1. CM Says:

      If you have to live near them you find out immediately how vicious they are, it’s like knowing when you walk outside, that could be the day they kill you.

      There was a thread here about white people being kindhearted. (I think) That is something we tend to think about, so true. Whites are kind, decent and honest, to name only a few of many many traits. Blacks are the total opposite.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Only Brainwashed LibTards would want a Hostile
      Cockroach like the one pictured above for a neighbor.
      They dont really . They’d rather he lived next to U!??