19 October, 2017

The Wrecking of Our Schools

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Little Rock schools are still operating under various court orders, and court-appointed Clintonistas monitor very closely everything in the schools regarding race. One teacher writes: “When the deseg monitors come to my classroom, they don’t ask me anything about the curriculum or the success of the students. They count the Black and White faces and check to be sure that I have posters of African-Americans on the walls. Never mind that I teach British literature.” “Deseg monitors” in the classrooms. Doesn’t that sound Orwellian, like something right out of George Orwell’s novel 1984? Actually, it’s Clintonian. It is a real shame that we are permitting it to happen in America.

The real shame for us is not that Black students are having gang fights and otherwise behaving the way they always do; it is that nearly 40 per cent of the students at Central High are still White and are subjected to this environment.”


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