23 November, 2017

Nationalism vs. the New World Order

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The fourth reason we should be glad for India’s nuclear tests is that they are a big psychological setback for the New World Order crowd. The liberals, the Jews, and the other New World Order boosters have worked hard to create the impression that the coming of the New World Order is irresistible. It is a steamroller, and you’d better not get in its way, or you’ll be squashed. The impressionable masses have let themselves be persuaded to go along for the ride, even if they aren’t especially enthusiastic. One of the consolations, in their eyes, is the promise of security and certainty: once the New World Order is solidly in place, no one anywhere will be able to do anything without permission from the people pulling the strings at the United Nations, and so there will be no more wars or other nasty surprises, and the masses can get on with being obedient consumers and television viewers without having to worry about making any difficult decisions.”


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