27 December, 2017

Thoughts on Christianity and White People This Christmas Season

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How can so many nationalistic White people still be Christians? It seems odd, given the origins and the egalitarian teachings of Christianity.

Part of being a racially-aware White person is being able to “think critically.” That means carefully weighing facts and coming to a conclusion based upon those facts, not based upon rumors, hearsay, superstition, fantasy, etc. [1]. With Christianity, you can’t weigh facts objectively. When you use Christianity in your life, you take things on faith, i.e., on “whatever the Good Book says.” Well, that sounds sort of okay at first, but, since the greasiest, oiliest, most dishonest people to ever walk the earth (i.e., Jews) created Christianity, you cannot look to it as a source of guidance [2]. Christianity is not a White, Western religion. It is a Middle Eastern (Levantine) religion that unfortunately spread into Europe and was firmly established there circa 1400 AD. Jesus Christ was a Jew, since his mother Mary was a Jew (according to Biblical narrative). Of course, White people should not follow Jewish religions or worship Jews. Jews are not genetically White. If you are a White person and a Christian, you need to learn the truth about Christianity. It is not a White religion. It is not for White people. Go find a White religion to follow.

[1] critical thinking is “the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment” (Wikipedia)

[2] Jews wrote the Old Testament, which is the foundation of Christianity

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    1. John Kerins Says:

      While most of what I’ve read from you is spot on, this certainly is your point of gross error. I’ll explain why.

      -You state that “Christianity is a religion created by the Jews”

      + That very concept is based out of an atheistic world view to start with. May I point out that Christianity is no creation of a new thing, but rather the fulfillment of many written prophesies ranging back from the very book of Genesis. That is, the fulfilment of the atonement of sins which God has already purposed before the foundations of the whole world. Therefore, Christianity is not a creation, but a completion of the testament.

      + If Christianity is a product of the Jews, need I remind you that these Jews are the same Jews which crucified the Lord of glory? After all, these “Jews” re simply the descendants of Abraham (who was a gentile before God reveled the covenant to him), however, even Jesus said they weren’t Jews according to faith (meaning they were a bunch of lost hypocrites who thought blood ties made them better than anyone else). May I also remind you it is Jesus Christ which in revelation stated “I will make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie”. May I also remind you that Jesus Christ preached the truth of the law of God to those phonies who followed the tradition of men over the old testament. After all, God after he brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believed not.

      – You state ” Jews wrote the old testament ”

      + Again, you’re assuming an atheistic standpoint. That is to say God had no hand in it. The Bible says holy men of God spake as they were guided by God’s spirit. After all, the book of Job and a large part of Genesis was written before abrham, (before the 13 tribes of Israel including the tribe of Judah) so the claim Jews wrote it all is false.

      + Oh and to cap everything off oh wise philosopher, are not these phony Jew maggots doing everything in their power to war against Christian values and Christianity? As a man who was one a God hater and Antichrist, I know whom I believe in. You state the Bible must be taken solely by faith and can’t be tested? That’s hogwash if I had ever heard it Id LOVE to talk about the hundreds of perfectly completed prophesies, and the perfection of all of these 66 books written by over 50 different authors over the course of 6000 years.