14 January, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018: Time to Worship the False Negro God, Martin Luther King , Again

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(Above: MLK’s communist connections and sleazy behavior are ignored by King-worshippers; the names of the subjects in the photo are Here).

You’ve heard of the red queen (in Alice In Wonderland)? Well, Martin Luther King, Jr. is the red King! His royal highness had drunken orgies with White hookers, stole half of his doctoral thesis, and was managed by a communist and Soviet agent named Stanley Levison, but those embarrassing facts and others won’t stop King from being worshipped. Note: King, as we know him today, was manufactured by 10 or 15 powerful media companies and a dozen leftist groups, most of which were run by Jews. So King is really a “Jewish construct.” Also note: the King Day was forced down the throats of the American people. We weren’t allowed to vote on whether to have a King Day or not. The government decided for us [1].


[1] “President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983” — Wikipedia

  • 5 Responses to “Monday, January 15, 2018: Time to Worship the False Negro God, Martin Luther King , Again”

    1. jayhackworth Says:

      Jew media lies =more corruption of our blood.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Restoration of white governments which means minus the lies and deceit of the jew

    3. Kurt Frohling Says:

      Get back into line, Goy!

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      The Niggers in Denver held a “marade”?
      March slash parade. Happily it was really shitty and cold that day!
      Heard the nigger wasnt a real doctor of anything either.

      He’s got a nice communist style statue statue in Washington DC.
      Theres a statue that REALLY DESERVES REMOVAL.!!

    5. Glazerman Says:

      Rip kneegrows