13 February, 2018

America: Always Changing the Rules to Please Working Women

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Girl #1: “We wanted to play in the boys’ sandbox, but every time we did, the boys played too rough.”

Girl #2: “Yes, too rough. So we filed federal lawsuits and we turned the boys’ sandbox into a girls’ sandbox.”

Girl #3: “Now everything is wonderful — unless you’re a boy.”


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  7. One Response to “America: Always Changing the Rules to Please Working Women”

    1. Swede Says:

      This I see as a very sick and perverted behaviour…not that niggers jerk off to just about everything which should be common knowledge, but as a woman, wanting to work at such a place… women are fed lies that we can do everything and anything a man does..we can NOT! My Gods…People want so desperately to change nature as if nature is bad but it will backfire on them and obviously already is