22 March, 2018

Canada: Cultural Marxism via Government

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This is disturbing because Service Canada is a federal government agency, not a private company; this is a government mandate, not a private mandate. Why is a Western country, which was founded by White men, practicing the anti-White creed of Marxism? The push for human equality in the Western world is communism [1][2].


[1] Canada was created by British and French men

[2] Dr. William Pierce called communism a “poisonous, anti-White creed” in National Vanguard Books Catalogue #19, June 2000, page 33, top right. The old NV Books catalogues, edited by Dr. Pierce, are important reading. If you can find one, read it cover-to-cover several times and then give it to a friend to do likewise

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  7. 4 Responses to “Canada: Cultural Marxism via Government”

    1. fd Says:

      Canadians are highly skilled in Marxism because they live next door to the largest Jew population on the planet — the so-called United States.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:


      These paranoid jews have done this so they can have a
      quick place to run to once the White Ethnostate kicks
      them all the hell out.

    3. Stan Burns Says:

      Even Lincoln was sympathetic to Marxism (he corresponded with Marx).

    4. archer Says:

      Canada is part of the British commonwealth, this is not surprising given how the UK is destroying itself with muzzy scum.