9 May, 2018

Survival Essentials

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And then there are those who simply are corrupt, those who can think clearly and independently and who might prefer to live in a healthy, White world if they could, but who would much rather be very rich in a decaying world of mongrels than only moderately well off in a White world. For the corrupt, money, privilege, status, power, and even comfort come before race. We know who they are: all of the politicians, all of the mainstream media bosses who aren’t Jews, most of the preachers, most of the bureaucrats, most of the big businessmen — and millions more who desperately want to be like them: millions more who may not yet have achieved wealth or status or power, but who crave it above all else.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “Survival Essentials”

    1. Stan Burns Says:

      The audio version of this ADV broadcast is available here:


      Search for “SurvivalEssentials”.

      By the way, if you want proof that the Jews are your masters, remember the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

      After twenty-four years, Mr. Porter disclosed the fact that his cryptographic staff in the [American] Embassy at Beirut [in 1967] had intercepted and decoded communications between the commander of the Israeli air squadron and the Israeli High Command, which proved that the latter knew that the Liberty was an unarmed American naval vessel, and, over the aviator’s misgivings, ordered that the American ship be attacked and sunk. …

      When the Israeli bombers and torpedo-planes were sent to attack and destroy the ship, the Jewish commander, seeing that it was an American vessel, had misgivings and reported to the High Command, which simply repeated the orders to attack and sink the Liberty. Those were the messages intercepted by Mr. Porter’s staff in Beirut. …

      And, naturally, there were the usual hints of a boycott and other reprisals against the vile newspaper that had dared to publish an article that was not laudatory of the Master Race.

      The underlying thought was clear. Why so much foolish talk about a trivial incident? The Jews merely killed thirty-four of their American pigs and wounded 171, maiming some. What was wrong about that? Doesn’t everyone know that, as … the Holy Talmud explicitly states, only Jews are human beings? That the lower animals can have no rights?


    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Through jew media delusion Americans think everyything is great while they are in the process of losng the nation.