25 August, 2018

Feminism: What Is It?

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Reading about female cops inspired me to post this.

A female definition of feminism is this: “Feminism seeks to make men and women equal.” But here’s the problem: men and women can never be equal, just like an apple and an orange can never be equal.

A good definition of feminism is this: “a political movement which denies – in the face of strong and observable evidence – that there are important differences between men and women.” (In other words, feminism is Marxism applied to human biology, i.e., sexual “classes” and roles will be abolished).

Another definition of feminism: “If you disagree with anything women say or do, you’re a sexist and a misogynist.” In other words, feminists – like Marxists and 8-year-olds – are never wrong; they’re right by default.

Readers, you can add your own definitions of feminism below in the comments area.

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  7. One Response to “Feminism: What Is It?”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Is that which neuters men socially and culturally.
      Turning them into Beta male pussies
      Who do whatever Bitches tell them to .

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